We are #blessed to live in an age where you can wear yoga pants to work. Athleisure is the art of styling your workout clothes in a way that makes them acceptable to wear to even the swankiest cocktail lounge. Trust me, as a yoga teacher I do it all the time because I don’t always have a choice. When shopping for multipurpose yoga pants, tees, sweaters and sneakers, you want to aim for neutral colors (save the bright floral leggings for your Saturday morning class!). Thankfully, we have a handful of athleisure boutiques in Nashville that sell high-quality fitness apparel, as well as pieces designed specifically for going from workout to happy hour.



When it comes to styling athleisure, Crue knows best. The apparel is designed to look fashion-forward rather than simply dressing up basic workout clothes. Their leggings have embroidery, sports bras have cool cutouts, and they even have comfy jumpsuits. Crue is conveniently located in 12th South.

2905 12th Ave S Suite 101



Hands down one of the best places to shop for athleisure, Longevity Boutique also has a top-notch Instagram feed for all the inspiration you could possibly need. Located in East Nashville and Germantown, this modern boutique has an entire line dedicated to athleisure apparel, featuring long cardigans, neutral sweaters, and sleek black leggings. I especially love that Longevity carries Spiritual Gangster for those times when you need an edgy graphic tee.

1006 Fatherland St



Even with all of the cool, new brands popping up around Nashville, Lululemon will always be a favorite. The brand takes the win when it comes to quality and comfort. While Lululemon has always been known for their skin-soft yoga pants, they recently launched a collection called “Men’s Office Travel Commute” that features classic pants and polos in soft materials. It’s only a matter of time before they launch something similar for women!

1027 Hillsboro Pike Suite 705



Outdoor Voices is your go-to boutique for matching sets. Mastering the art of athleisure has everything to do with dressing up these cute matching crop tops and leggings. While new to Nashville, wellness influencers in cities like New York and Austin have long flaunted Outdoor Voices (my personal favorite — @omandthecity). Head to their adorable boutique on 12th Avenue South to shop and catch one of their free Saturday morning meditation classes.

2309 12th Ave South



Your athleisure look isn’t complete without a Nash hat. Some days it’s a struggle to wear real pants and do your hair. In addition to the classic ball cap, The Nash Collection also has a variety of simple tees, cropped sweatshirts, and even accessories for your pet so you can match. My labradoodle has his own athleisure look with his Nash bandana.

212 Broadway 2nd floor