I couldn’t be happier about introducing you to The Nashville Edit. Coming together with my former team members and working on this project has truly been one of the most invigorating experiences I’ve had to date. In what has been a labor of love, we have created a company focused on sharing the people, places and influences that are shaping the city for the better.

Why Edit?

I love Nashville. In so many ways, this city has brought me love, happiness, acceptance and a level of credibility I never expected. When launching my initial business here almost twenty years ago, my only true focus was on revenue opportunity – and this was well before the boom that Nashville has been experiencing recently. During the trials and tribulations of the early years of that business, I grew to love not only the city, but my clients and the members of my team who I worked closely with to deliver a product unlike anything ever enjoyed or embraced in the area before. Nashville Lifestyles was my baby, and I was proud of it. Until I wasn’t.

Since selling my company and turning over those reigns, I have grown as an individual, exploring many things and destinations outside of what had become a bit of a repeat cycle year to year. After stepping out of the continuous wheel of just spitting out events and paid content for profit, and living a bit outside of that bubble and watching my city grow, I was able to see what was missing.

As a reader and intentional content consumer, I found that no medium in the market was serving me well when it came to my own interests, nor those of the countless people in my social circles. As a consultant and ambassador for global and national luxury brands, I discovered that they were having trouble finding the right kind of partner in the media locally compared to those that they engaged in other areas. Even in assisting my clients, it was a struggle to find anything close to the level of sophistication that those brands required. With the information, wants and needs collected from both readers and brand partners over time, I knew that it was time for my dream project.

At the same time that I was itching to do something new, key talents I worked with previously were also struggling with their place and situation in a format that had become much more mass-market and tourist-driven than upscale. We began talking about a plan around this time last year, growing more excited over the possibility of working together again, as well as what we could accomplish with more freedom and less boundaries. What you will find within our initial site is a glimpse of what that looks like. Not only is our group comprised of a few of the most talented and experienced individuals in the area, but those that I trust the most, both for their opinion and excellent taste. It’s also personally rewarding to work side by side with those I respect and enjoy as friends in developing something fresh and Edited for the new face of Nashville.


What to Expect:

While we have been busy behind the scenes putting things together, what we are sharing now is just a taste of what is to come. Starting with just a few articles and inclusions focused on our areas of primary interests is our way of introducing you to The Nashville Edit in a non-invasive way. The goal is to let you get to know us gradually and to do a bit of a slow-walk into our more compelling content that will be revealed in our luxury lifestyle magazine that will be offered in a glossy, oversized format.

As a bonus, those who are on our newsletter list will have access to the complete publication in a digital format that you can easily read on-the-go or from whatever city you may be in. Look for the first full edition to appear in May – it is slated to be fantastic. So much effort is going into the quality of the content, presentation and design, and it is definitely a not-to-miss read for those seeking insight into living well in and outside of Nashville.

Outside of our full publication, you will receive a weekly newsletter from us offering a few items of select content on items of interest. What you won’t find is soliciting or bothersome practices. Our content is complimentary and the site is free of pop-up or invasive pushes trying to sell things. We want to be a leisure read for busy individuals that (like us) are over the annoying items that steer us away from subscribing to email lists. The things you will read about are those with value, and you won’t see the typical paid content that seems to be so common on other formats. The inclusions on our site and within the newsletter reflect the team and contributors’ interests, and hopefully yours, as well. Our goal is to provide you an edited version of what you are seeking when it comes to knowing more about the most intriguing facets of Music City.

Let us hear from you going forward and be watching for more in your inbox in the weeks to come. We are just getting started and can’t wait to share what’s ahead.

Stacie Standifer

Founding Editor


(Photo of Nashville skyline by Jakob Wandel)