Nestled in the midst of dozens of rustic, cabin-like Nashville homes is the sunlight-filled, French countryside-inspired home of Bespoke menswear designer, Rachael Ramona. Her attention to detail shines through everything she does, from her three-piece suit designs to the vignettes on her fireplace mantles. The decor is elegant yet simple and filled with art that either she created or hand-picked herself with the help of artist and designer, Sean Shrum. After receiving a tour of her stunning home, we sat down at her kitchen counter and had a chat about the spaces.


Jami-lyn: When did you move into this home?

RR: A little under a year ago. I’m still curating each space; I don’t know if I’ll ever stop curating. Is a home ever “finished”?


JL: What drew you to it?

RR: Honestly, honestly. I love everything French. Eric, my husband, loves everything modern. He grew up in modern architecture, but he’s developed a taste for what I’d describe as a southern modern. I know that’s not a real style but that’s his style. We like to think this home is a perfect mix of France and Nashville. It suited both of our tastes, but ultimately it’s French. Some people want their homes to transport them somewhere. For me, that’s Paris.  




JL: Did you make any major changes?

RR: We painted every single room, put in hardwoods all upstairs, and refinished all the floors.

“Some people want their homes to transport them somewhere. For me, that’s Paris.”

– Rachel Ramona

JL: What inspired the color palette? Was the decision trend-based or personal preference?

RR: For me, I had always gone with white; all of my homes I had done a blank canvas, and I noticed that just adding the neutrals and making it a bit warmer makes it ideal for displaying artwork. Beiges, taupes. I didn’t want too much color on the walls, aside from–well, I’m still curating. Aside from the mural Shawn and I are going to be painting in my dining room, and bathrooms. The mural is going to have a nod at Florida. I wanted to pay homage to my roots, so I’m inspired by a familiar Florida garden. You’ll see a bit of French, well everywhere is French, but here and there you’ll see tributes to Nashville, and then you’ll be like “What is that pineapple?” (laughs)


JL: What inspired the decor and furniture you chose?

RR: Ultimately, I showed Sean Shrum a bunch of French apartments. You know when you’re home you want it to be calm and you want to be able to think? But I also want to be transported to another place, and for me, that’s Paris. I was 100% Parisian-inspired everything. But, also I’m in love with surrealism, modernism, and new french. I love old world Paris, and I put it in everything here and there, but the new Paris with the old Paris mixes with the contemporary love I have.


Coffee table

Sean painting

JL: Where are some of the places you shopped to furnish your home?

RR: I’m definitely always antiquing. Outside of that, there are so many local stores that I fell in love with. Here’s a list:

  • Downtown Antique Mall
  • Gas Lamp
  • Providence Interiors
  • Marketplace interiors
  • Royal Circus
  • Vignette
  • Bennet Galleries
  • Cumberland Gallery
  • Zeitgeist
  • Red Arrow Gallery


JL: What are some of your favorite spaces within the home and why?

RR: The patio is one of my favorite areas of the whole house; Eric fought me on it, but I was like no, this is happening. I just love it. You feel like you’re in the country out there, but you walk inside and you’re back in Paris. My ultimate favorite area is my living space, though. The entry living room is my piece of France.


JL: Do you have a workspace? Or where in this home are you the most inspired?

RR: When I’m home I tend to work in Eric and I’s office. It’s super masculine, but it fits what I do and the headspace I need to be in. The chandelier is a custom Ralph Lauren Home piece and the art on the mantle is by Sean. I’m working on an atelier space too at the moment that’s in the Wedgewood Houston area. That’s my baby right now.


JL: Where does the entertaining take place?

RR: Usually outside. It’s such a great backyard, and the flow from the front door through the living room, into the kitchen and then to the patio and outside is so good, people just move naturally through the space. It doesn’t feel crowded. We had 70 people here the other day and it was fine.



View from kitchen table

JL: Favorite piece in the home?

RR: It’s ridiculous because it’s not like it’s the most expensive piece in our home by any means. This (gestures to cloche jar) is my favorite piece in the entire home. It was used to contain and spin energy a long time ago, and I turned it into a cloche jar because I love cloche jars. Right now Mary is in there, but I used to have a live orchid in there. It’s so cool.


Before I headed on my way, Rachael left me with a nugget of advice that Sean gave her, though: always move things. It brings new life to any space if you move things about throughout your home. If you think you don’t like something, move it around, it may make a difference. Constantly move things. You might just feel like you’ve got a brand new home.

Want some similar pieces to what you saw in Rachael’s home?

  • Cloche Bell Jar:  Hers is antique, but find something similar on Wayfair.
  • Velvet Tufted Sofa: Hers is from Suzanne Kasler, but you can find something similar at West Elm.
  • The Painting Behind Her Tufted Sofa and in the Office: They’re both by the amazing Sean Strum.
  • Cloud-esque Sectional: Hers is from Camerich, but you can get something similar at Restoration Hardware.
  • White Cowhide Chairs: Hers are from Lee Industries, but snag a similar pair from CB2.
  • Wood Coffee Table: Hers is from World’s Away, but you can go with a similar piece from CB2.