As Nashville has grown and changed over the past few years, we’ve seen everything from new restaurants to more traffic (sigh). With so many new people moving to town, more opportunities have been introduced to our city. One of the advantages of this growth is the progression in the fitness scene. Where we were limited before, there are now so many options and most of them right outside of your front door. The range of workouts will fit everyone’s agenda –  from yoga to CrossFit and everything in between.

The fitness craze in Nashville makes it easy for the thrill-seekers who are looking for the next challenge to easily find a new way to push themselves harder, but also provides a place for the person who is looking to dial it back to recover from an injury and to regain strength. The thing about the fitness craze is that it not only delivers a 45-60 minute class, it also provides a place to create community. As new people move to town, these classes are an opportunity to establish roots. For many of the newcomers, this will mean finding a gym to call “home.” When they find the workout that they can provide the rush they need and also establish a group of friends that will hold them accountable, they will more likely stick to their workout and create friendships, as well.

The fitness craze has left no part of town out and doesn’t leave much room for excuses to skip your workout.


Shed Group Fitness

Belle Meade |  Shed Fitness

4538 Harding Pike, Nashville, Tn 37205
This hidden gem at the Belle Meade Shopping Center, Shed Fitness, is all but timid when it comes to challenging your endurance and strength. With two locations to choose from, the Belle Meade location is the flagship gym and has yet to disappoint any of its regulars. Each day focuses on a different muscle group in an interval style workout led by some of the best trainers in Music City. By focusing on different muscle groups, they ensure that they have time to recover. With a combination of rowing, running, strength training and very little recovery time, this allows for each workout to provide the maximum amount of calorie-burn. But, you’re not an athlete? Not a problem, all of their workouts can be modified to accommodate any fitness level and give you goals to work towards. They also offer personal training if the class schedule times don’t quite fit into your schedule.

Green Hills | Pure Barre

2101 Bandywood Drive, Nashville, Tn 37215

Pure Barre offers numerous great locations in Nashville, but the one in Green Hills, on Bandywood, is a hot spot. If you’re looking for a lower impact workout that will tone and strengthen your entire body, Pure Barre is the place to go. Known as the best full body workout, they offer a variety of classes to help women achieve their fitness goals. The traditional Pure Barre class focuses on your entire body using mostly your own body weight. They have also added the Empower class which is more CARDIO! You will hit every muscle group, as well, but will keep your heart rate up with the assistance of ankle weights and a platform. This 45-minute class is sure to rev up your metabolism. The final class they offer is a 50-minute Pure Reform class, focusing on each muscle group to shape and define using resistance bands. Taking your classic Pure Barre techniques and challenging them with strength, coordination, and balance. With a variety of class options, you can find one that will be safe and effective for your own goals.

The Gulch |  Cycle Bar

1004 Division Street, Nashville, Tn 37203

Cycle Bar is fairly new to Nashville and has new locations opening up this year. The “trend” of pedaling nowhere really hard and fast seems to have caught on here in Music City. Their Gulch location offers a variety of rides to all fitness levels so that everyone can participate. This workout is designed to be “your ride” and you can push yourself to your comfort level. The studio is equipped with bikes, mirrors, a couple of fans, an enthusiastic instructor, motivating music and CycleStats to help you track your performance. Shoes and towels are provided for you if you’re not ready to make the investment in your own (don’t worry, they clean them well) and there will be someone there to assist you in setting up your bike. All you have to do is show up a few minutes early and they will get you set up. Then all you have to do is ride.
Goat Yoga Nashville

Brentwood |  Goat Yoga

9837 Split Log Road, Brentwood, Tn 37027

When you think of a “trendy workout,” Goat Yoga has got to be at the top of the list.  If someone asks you if you’d like to attend a Goat Yoga class, chances are you’ll ask them to repeat the question and then follow it up with quite a few other ones. To answer a few… Goat Yoga is a yoga class taught outdoors in the hay (on your yoga mat, preferable not your regular studio mat) while goats cuddle near you or quite literally jump or stand on you. Why, you ask? Well, these cute little creatures are there to help reduce stress while you’re practicing some of your favorite yoga poses. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s also not something you get to do every day in the city limits.


Midtown | Orangetheory

121 17 Avenue South, Nashville, Tn 37203

Orangetheory is a HIIT-based workout that incorporates cardio on treadmills and indoor water rowers, floor exercises and weight training. If you feel new to the fitness scene, that’s totally fine! These hour-long classes are lead by a trainer who will instruct you through each portion and observe to make sure that you correctly perform each exercise. What makes this workout great for everyone, from someone just starting their fitness journey to athletes, are the OTBeat heart rate monitors that will allow you to see your heart rate in real time throughout the entire workout to know when to push yourself to the next level.

The growth of Nashville has drastically impacted the options for its residents in the wellness field. If you’re looking for an excuse to skip your workout, it will become harder as other options move into town.  So put on your favorite workout gear and challenge yourself today.

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