When you think of leaders or directors of financial companies, it typically doesn’t include a personality as bold and diverse as that of Adam Sansiveri, who just moved to Nashville to facilitate running the operations of Bernstein Private Wealth Management. The organization’s decision to open this division of AllianceBernstein created quite the buzz in the business and real estate communities, as it brings hundreds of high-income individuals to the city.

What we found out in talking with him in his new 505 apartment is that he’s already embracing the culture of Music City and cannot wait to get more involved. His recognition in the artistic and theater circles in New York City is wide-spread, with his talents and participation in multiple facets show just how varied his reach and interests are. To learn a little bit more about this well-dressed, intelligent newcomer who’s as likely to be fueling his passion for food and wine as he is to be hitting the trails, we asked him a few things about his lifestyle and what he’s looking forward to as he joins the Nashville community.

Newcomer, Adam Sansiveri, Talks Nashville Food, Wine, and Free Time

TNE: You describe yourself as a huge food and wine guy. What are some of your favorite restaurants to frequent here?

AS: I like Pinewood Social for its community vibe and Bourbon Steak at the JW because it feels a little bit like NYC and, of course, for the views. 5th & Taylor is a favorite for, well, everything about it, and Sperry’s is great for a classic vibe. I enjoy Kayne Prime for the wine list and Catbird Seat for a date night. Honestly, I could go on.

TNE: Are you a cook? Do you have any specialty dishes?

AS: I grew up in the kitchen with a mom who learned from an Italian grandmother, so I love to cook. Give me a bottle of red wine, some music and friends to cook for, and I’m in my element. I’m also a health nut, so I pride myself on being able to make the healthy versions of classic dishes.

“Give me a bottle of red wine, some music and friends to cook for, and I’m in my element.”

TNE: What are some of your favorite wines in your collection?

AS: My go-to wines right now are anything by Orin Swift—it’s a meal in a glass. I have an eclectic collection, as I love to find wines when traveling. My favorite bottle ever was a 1983 Amarone with a hand-written label in Florence, Italy.

TNE: Where will you be taking clients to dinner?

AS: With so many good options in Nashville, I plan to try as many places as possible. I’m sure I’ll be a regular at 5th and Taylor, Bourbon Steak, and a place or two that I haven’t discovered yet.

TNE: Name a couple of NYC dining destinations that you would suggest to friends visiting up North:

AS: ViceVersa, The Loyal, Becco, NIX, 54 Below, Simon & the Whale, Del Posto and, of course, Eleven Madison Park.

TNE: When not choosing vino, do you have a favorite cocktail?

AS: Classic vodka martini, shaken with a twist.

TNE: In past articles, you’ve mentioned that you were originally a singer. How does that connect you to the culture of singers and songwriters in the Nashville community?

AS: I studied voice since I was a kid and was lucky enough to study at The Boston University Tanglewood Institute. I performed professionally for a bit in NYC before starting my own business and then getting into producing. This experience connects me to the passion and struggle of such a career, but also to creative and empathetic people. At the end of the day, the connection comes from being really passionate about the people you’re working with. As a former entrepreneur and former artist, that passion is no different when working with a business owner or an artist.

TNE: It’s been said that Nashville is weak when it comes to finding current fashion for men. Have you found this to be true in exploring the market?

AS: I love the style of Nashville. Given that the lifeblood of this city is music, that creativity permeates everything, including fashion. I care less about the big brands, but love seeing more local businesses curating unique tastes.

TNE: What do you consider the worthiest investment items for a man’s wardrobe?

AS: A good pair of brown dress shoes, white sneakers, a navy blue suit, a cardigan sweater, and a custom tuxedo.

TNE: Tell us a bit about where you’re choosing to live now that you’ve relocated to Nashville.

AS: I’m house hunting at the moment, so I’m exploring a lot of neighborhoods. I prefer modern architecture, so that will influence my decision. My first place in Nashville is at the 505, which is a block from my office and very much like NYC living. Even in New York I always lived within walking distance to work. You can’t beat the efficiency.

TNE: One of your key traits is intellectual curiosity. Can you tell us how that’s helped you in business as well as in life overall?

AS: I think that it’s a way of life and a key to living it to its fullest. Whether it’s finance, health, music, wine, theater, politics, literature, travel or any other topics, these are the themes that make up our global society. The more we can learn about our world and about each other, the more we care and the larger the world becomes. AllianceBernstein is built on intellectually curious people—it’s a founding pillar of our research-based culture.

TNE: What would you do on a perfect day off in Music City?

AS: A perfect day off could take many shapes when in Nashville. I’d start the day at Hot Yoga of East Nashville followed by brunch at one of my new favorite spots with friends. Then I’d head out to Percy Warner Park for a trail run, bike or hike. I’d spend the afternoon working on one of my creative projects with my twin brother, who lives in LA and is a TV writer. The end of the day would kick off with friends and a great bottle of wine before we all head to a concert, the symphony or some theater.

TNE: You love to travel. Any dream vacation destinations that you love?

AS: I’ve been to Mykonos, Greece nine times with a group of about 20-plus friends. This year will be our 10th annual trip. I also love to ski, so I’m always trying to find the best mountain towns. My favorite so far is Zermatt, Switzerland, but it’s a long list that’s not yet complete.

Read Adam’s full interview in the Digital Issue of our Premiere Print Issue.

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