I arrived around 5:30 PM for check-in before a 6:30 PM dinner reservation at the villa’s in-house restaurant that is fittingly named Gianni’s. I left my bags at the small counter where check-in takes place while the hostess showed me to my room. It happened to be the only room left in the mansion, and I shortly found out it was Gianni’s suite. Upon unlocking one door, we entered a small corridor where I unlocked yet another door, leading to the suite.

Versace GateI laid my eyes upon what was certainly the largest bed I have ever seen. The hostess referred to it as a “double-king” bed, and it was nearly eleven feet wide. There were clouds on the ceiling, stunning murals on the walls, and gold baroque trim everywhere. There was complimentary Fiji water on the bed stands and in the fridge, and the most incredible Acqua di Parma soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions lined the bathroom counters. The flooring? Hardwood in the bedroom with Persian rugs and a mosaic of marble in both the bathroom and dressing suite. This space was 1,500 square feet, and nearly half of that must have been the closet. Gianni gets me.

Now that I’ve set the stage for you, here are 7 reasons you should plan yourself a weekend at the Versace Villa.

Gianni’s Italian Restaurant

The menu is a drool-worthy mix of Italian and Mediterranean, and it’s worth the trip; especially if you’re not staying at the Villa. I opted for Gianni’s salad and the Orichette and was sure to finish off my meal with their famous carrot cake and melted chocolate dessert. Pro-tip: Make your reservation between 5:30-6:30; you’ll almost certainly be seated by the pool (which is definitely where you want to sit).

24k Gold Pool

This is easily the most stunning pool (and mosaic artwork in general) that I’ve ever seen. From the colors, to the fact there are 24k gold tiles within the design, the entirety of this patio is jaw-dropping. There are over one million tiles that make up the stunning mosaic, and he was sure to include his signature print in several locations.

Versace Villa

The Cappuccinos

The coffee served at the villa is exclusively Illy, which alone is enough for me to want to stay here again. I’m normally a latte type of girl, but here I felt inclined to order a cappuccino, and I’m so glad I did. Their coffee tastes exactly how it should. I can’t describe it any other way than perfect.

The Decor

The opulence. There are murals on multiple walls and ceilings, medallions featuring a variety of influential people from Cleopatra to Rockefeller scattered through the corridors, and frescoes in common areas between suites. Everywhere you look there is something covered in gold. Versace imported everything from art to glassware and furniture from Europe and created his own slice of Capri in Miami.


View from Gianni's SuiteThe Views

When your view (depending on the room you stay in) from your balcony is either of South Beach or the Mediterranean-inspired pool area, you really can’t go wrong. The sun rises in Miami, so leave your curtains open and let the sun wake you to the smell of salty air and Acqua di Parma.

The Privacy 

With there only being 10 rooms to stay in, this automatically reduces the number of guests on the property on any given day. I found myself alone at the pool several times, and it couldn’t have been better. I was so relaxed, and I didn’t have to worry about finding a lounge chair (with Versace’s iconic Medusa embroidered on it).

Versace Villa

Donatella Versace

Not Gianni’s sister, the cat. Seen occasionally roaming around the property is an adorable little calico kitty appropriately named Donatella. I made friends with her our first night and only saw her one other time, but she was quite adorable.

“I don’t care about good taste or bad taste, I just care about fun.”

-Gianni Versace

Plan yourself a trip to the Versace Villa, and have some fun for all of us. I’m already dreaming about my next South Beach escapade.