Jonathan Savage of SAVAGE Interior Design grew up in Middle Tennessee surrounded by design, as his family was prominent in real estate development. After studying business in college, Jonathan pursued his true passion for interior design and architecture at American University in London, England. He then moved back to Tennessee to attend the O’More College of Design in Franklin. After we saw his work, we were sold. Savage has a remarkable and unique way of making his designs bright and clean. We sat down to chat with Savage about his advice on designing the bath space of a home.

“It needs to be inviting and serene since it’s where you start and end your day.”

– Jonathan Savage

Photos by Emily Followill


The Nashville Edit: What is the most surprising element that you have included in a bathroom?

Jonathan Savage:I designed a two-sided double shower with a window in between. It makes you feel like you are in nature. Very au naturale and super chic.


TNE: What is your solution to make a small-sized bathroom feel larger?

JS: Mirror, mirror on the wall. If there is a vanity, then mirror the entire wall above it.


TNE: Any favorite or “go-to” lines of plumbing fixtures and items such as tubs and sinks?

JS: Locally, I adore Mary at PDI; she is our “go-to” resource. Brands such as Kohler and Waterworks are must-haves.


TNE: Do you have any advice on an inventive way to tackle storage or clutter that is easy to incorporate in design?

JS: As clutter on the counter is a pet peeve of mine, I try to provide as much storage space as possible.  Smaller drawers are great for toiletries, makeup, medicine and more.


TNE: In your own bathroom, what brand of towels do you prefer?

JS: I adore Lanes by Frette in white. It makes you feel like you are staying in the finest of hotels. It’s all about the little luxuries that give you pleasure.


TNE: Can you tell us in a few words your approach to lighting in baths where natural light is limited?

JS: Keep the space light. Shades of white and greys on the walls and add Carrera marble.


TNE: If budget weren’t an issue, what are the items you would incorporate into a “dream” master-bath, and what would the décor look like?

JS: Calcatta Borghini marble, as it is the gold standard and has the most beautiful veining. And, of course, warming towel racks, because who wants to get out of a hot shower and towel off with a cold one? I like simple, yet elegant, space. It needs to be inviting and serene since it’s where you start and end your day.