How You Can Workout with Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea This August

Celebrity trainer, Erin Oprea, is gifting us with her presence this August, and we can't wait to share with you how you can learn a thing or two from her!

When it comes to getting the best insight on all things fitness, there’s really no better source than Nashville local Erin Oprea. Known as the “trainer to the stars”, Erin knows how to get you in the best shape of your life. She even outlined her tips for us, showing us just how simple it can be to squeeze in that dreaded workout each and every day.

From Carrie Underwood to Maren Morris, Erin’s celebrity clientele is only growing. Lucky for us, she is making herself available for our Body + Soul Event happening on August 17th, where she will offer us her tips and secrets into making fitness fun!


The Nashville Edit: What inspired you to become so involved in helping people shape their fitness journeys?

Erin Oprea: I want people to know that fitness can be fun, entertaining, and not such a chore! Even if you’re the busiest person in the world, there is a way to fit fitness into your lifestyle, whether that’s in brief bursts of exercise throughout the day or classes that make it attainable, and a blast!


TNE: What does your morning routine look like?

EO: [I’m] up at 3:30 am to have a bowl of oatmeal, egg whites, and berries, followed by watching the news and weather. I then have a cup of coffee with Vital Proteins collagen, pack a BIG lunchbox to last the whole day, and drink a shot of beet juice (my favorite) for lasting energy. I feed the dog and head out the door!


TNE: How has your military background shaped your career?

EO: It taught me discipline like nobody else could, that’s for sure! I loved my time in the military and learned respect for my body, and the discipline to condition it and train it the way it deserves. Our bodies are a gift, treat them well!


TNE: What piece of workout advice do you give the most to your clients?

EO:Every workout might not always be your best, just don’t ever give up” or…  “Eat clean to get lean, workout to get strong!” or… “You can’t out-train a bad diet!” or… “Life is all about balance!”

TNE: Where can locals go for hikes or outdoor workouts?

EO: The steps behind the State Capital in downtown Nashville is the absolute best place to train outdoors! Going all the way up to the top is about 10 flights of stairs, and you can’t beat the view— perfect for a quick and effective outdoor burn!


TNE: How do you maintain balance when it comes to staying healthy, but also treating yourself?

EO: I work hard pretty much non-stop, so I make sure to take Saturdays for myself and dance! I bring beet juice to Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville, mix it with 2 shots of tequila, and dance to a DJ Grant Fisher spinning 2000’s hip-hop. That’s what makes me so happy each week, it’s my “me time”!

“I bring beet juice to Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville, mix it with 2 shots of tequila, and dance to a DJ Grant Fisher spinning 2000’s hip-hop. That’s what makes me so happy each week, it’s my ‘me time’!”

– Erin Oprea


TNE: What is your current mantra?

EO: Movement is a gift, celebrate it daily. I’m so grateful for my body and it’s abilities, and I never take that for granted.


TNE: What does the term “fitness” mean to you?

EO: Fitness is when YOU feel your best –not when other people say you’ve achieved it or when you hit a certain size or a number on the scale. Stronger than you were, more energy than you had — find what makes you feel best and fittest.


TNE: How do you cool off after a workout during these hot, southern summers?

EO: Staying hydrated is insanely important — it’s basically all I do. I don’t have time to take cold showers or chill in the AC before heading back out to another client, so I grab a towel and a fan and make it work, while always staying hydrated and drinking my water. Thank goodness the clients are sweaty with me!


TNE: What advice do you have for women who feel they can’t squeeze in their workouts during the day?

EO: Everybody has 4 minutes — try doing a tabata! These short bursts of exercise utilizing perfect form are super effective and quick, and they’re all spelled out in my book, The 4×4 Diet! I have a program laid out for beginners all the way to advanced.


TNE: Why is the concept of moderation so important when it comes to fitness?

EO: Feeling deprived is a KILLER to a healthy routine. Have you ever tried to give up carbs? It never works! Enjoy a little bit of indulgence, just don’t go overboard. I want everyone to live a happy, healthy lifestyle that doesn’t involve forgoing all the things that make life fun! There’s too much life to be had to not enjoy a bit of everything now and again.


TNE: Your favorite spots to buy workout clothes locally.

EO: Crue has some of the edgiest yet pretty clothing and a range of great brands. Outdoor Voices keeps an eye on all the new trends with their own products. Both are in 12 South, so it’s an easy walk and a great way to get your steps in while having fun shopping for cute clothes.


TNE: Do you have an end-of-day routine?

EO: My day isn’t over until I hit my steps! But once I do, I shower, brew some tea, finally lay back on my couch, and turn on the weather channel.


TNE: What can we expect to see from you at the Body + Soul event?

EO: A high-energy, dancing, laughing, whole-body burning workout set to killer classic hip-hop tunes that will have you dancing and laughing!