If you are anything like us, you’re getting just a bit tired of this insane July humidity and heatwave. With temperatures soaring over 90 degrees and thunderstorms popping through at least once a day, we have the perfect excuse to cool off inside one of our favorite local spots and treat ourselves to a refreshing snack (calories be damned, we’ll sweat them off anyway).

Whether you reside in Davidson or Williamson County, we have scouted out the perfect places to grab a frozen treat this summer.

For the Health “Nut”

KoKo’s Plant-Base Ice Cream

3 City Ave, STE 700, West Nashville 

In true Edit fashion, we’ll start with our healthy option. Koko’s is 100% plant-based and nut and peanut-free, so it’s especially a great option if you have sensitive eaters in your family. While normally dairy-free ice cream is less than impressive, Koko’s has somehow nailed it with their simple ingredients: organic coconut milk, organic evaporated cane sugar, and pink Himalayan salt. They rotate their flavors frequently, so be sure to stop in and see what’s available this month!

For a Post-Yoga Treat 

Las Paletas

2911 12th Avenue South

If you find yourself in the 12S neighborhood (perhaps after a yoga session at Fahrenheit Yoga or a stroll through Sevier Park with the kids), Las Paletas offers some delicious, cold treats. My personal favorite is their Hot Chocolate with Chili popsicle — it has just the perfect kick to it, even on a hot day.

For the Indulger

The Second Muse

RH Café

2101 Green Hills Village Dr

Of course, there is nothing that screams “treat yourself” more than lunch at RH Café. This is the perfect spot to meet some girlfriends for a midday mimosa and, yes, Banana Split. They’ve perfected the art of this frozen treat (as you can tell from the photo above), and it’s the perfect size for sharing with some friends. Finish with an espresso and you’ll be energized to roam the store (and possibly redecorate your master bath).

For Old-School Fun

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip

5301 Charlotte Avenue, West Nashville

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip is one of Nashville’s oldest staples for grabbing a frozen treat. If you’re from here, you’ve definitely heard of Bobbie’s, and may even have fond memories involving this hole-in-the-wall ice cream shop. Located on my side of town, this happens to be one of my go-to’s for date night with my boyfriend (or even girls’ night with my sister). Bobbie’s old-school vibe reminds me of nights I spent with my grandma getting a crunch cone after dinner in the summers where I grew up. Pro tip: there’s no indoor seating at this little haunt, so be sure your car’s AC is cranking or you’re ready to sweat a bit!

For a Stroll Through Germantown

Tempered Café & Chocolate

1201 5th Avenue North

Tempered Café, Instagram

Germantown is a perfect place to find a brunch spot on Saturday mornings. Right across from the Nashville staple, Germantown Café, exists one of my favorite establishments in Nashville. While, yes, they offer coffee and delicious house-made chocolates, they also have their summer staple currently available: Frosé. Stop in and cool off with this adult frozen treat.

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