Just one look through her portfolio tells us one thing: Julie Couch knows what she’s talking about. Julie’s interior design firm and not-for-profit art gallery are located in the cozy neighborhood of 12South. While she’s definitely a local, her team works with clients all throughout the United States and her work has been on the cover of Country Living and featured in Southern HomeTraditional Home and domino.com.

Julie Couch Tells The Nashville Edit About “Adding the Extra”

We got to take a look at her recently designed Twelve Twelve project, and it’s evident that she doesn’t ignore any detail. When I asked Julie about the warm details of this project, in particular, she noted that she and her team call it “adding the extra,” or adding the cozy elements into one’s home to make it actually feel like home.


Julie says, “We all want our homes to tell our stories to fill them with things that bring us joy. We want them to feel comfortable, inviting, and unique.” Of course, for many of us, it’s executing that idea that may seem a little daunting, but Julie reassured me, stating, “It’s easier than you may think! When clients ask me to design and furnish their spaces, I know that the actual furniture, lighting, and flooring are merely the starting point. What really makes a home are the extra layers!

Final Touches

The final touches that may not be utilitarian but are added so the spaces become all about its owners. For instance, a pretty piece of art from a favorite vacation spot or an elegant bowl passed down from your grandmother can really create interest and personalize a home. Think about adding flowers once a week, a simple bouquet in your favorite color next to your bed, or buying a few lovely coffee table books that you’ll be able to peruse over your morning coffee.”

If you couldn’t tell, Julie’s got all the design advice, so we picked her brain to get some quick tips on “adding the extra” into our own homes!

Click through the gallery of the beautiful Twelve Twelve home to read about how Julie added the extra and made this place really look and feel like home!



Julie’s List for Finding “The Extra”