I’ve been so busy interviewing and meeting the variety of interesting people we are featuring on our site and in the pages of our printed editions that I haven’t done much in the way of sharing my own experiences since the launch of Edit came to life this Spring. At the request from many of you, along with my own team, my new challenge is to keep you updated on my latest experiences and share-worthy finds in what I want to be a personal journal of living well. I promise no crazy experiments or difficult tasks, just simple ways to enhance the every day. For this first entry, you’ll find all of the ways I’ve found to have an amazing summer, without going anywhere at all.



For perhaps the first time ever, I have spent the entire summer in Nashville. While those who know me are used to me trecking back and forth to the airport for frequent jaunts, this year has kept me grounded and close to home. In addition to lots of family obligations and typical commitments, I’ve also been working against a deadline along with my team, as well as remodeling and outfitting our new Music Row offices. Based on those factors, I have chosen to opt out of traveling this season. What’s been the biggest surprise is how quickly the time has gone and how much I’ve been able to squeeze into this fleeting season. I’ll admit, a lot of time has been devoted to working and research, but I have also found multiple ways to treat myself well on a daily basis, taking mini-breaks where I can get them.

Photo by Alaina Mullin



Sometimes an escape isn’t about the geography at all, but instead a mindset. I have been personally setting aside time to be completely unplugged from all forms of electronic communication. Taking a weekend (or just a few hours on a regular evening) to completely forget about email, social media and calendar notifications can do wonders for the spirit. It’s freeing in a way that makes you feel like you’re a world away without a single plan to make. Trust me, work these blocks into your regular schedule–not just when you are with friends or family, but during times you can experience some solitude.

One habit I have built over the summer is to spend at least an hour a day reading (not the news). Because one of my favorite vacation rituals is to visit local bookstores and pick up educational or leisure reads for the trip. Now, I visit the Nashville Library every two-three weeks, stock up on some chosen titles and have lots of reading material on hand. It ranges from healthy cookbooks or design volumes to biographies and novels. I love to change it up and the freedom of being able to change out books often and always have new reads definitely adds to my daily self-care practice. For those who prefer audiobooks, they are super-easy to download from the library site.


It has been one hot summer — no one in the South can argue that. The good news is all of the humidity is actually great for my skin, which behaves far better than when the weather’s cold. The end of the season heading into Fall is always a good time to indulge in a little bit of maintenance, and for me, that meant trying a couple of different things. While I am not a fan of needles or injections, I decided to but those thoughts aside and try the latest product on the market reported to offer the forehead wrinkle reduction results of Botox, but with a more pure manufacturing process. Tracy Jensen at Maxwell Aesthetics explained the benefits of the product – Jeuveau (‘Newtox’) before giving me a few select injections as a test. Two weeks later, furrowing lines are gone and should stay that way for months. So far, this test drive has been a success.

With my most prominent wrinkles zapped, the next step was a facial that really cleaned up my skin. There has been lots of talk and praise about the technology behind Hydrafacial, and I found out what all of the fuss was about on a relaxing visit to Mokara Spa where in about 30 minutes, my skin felt better than it has, maybe ever. It’s non-invasive, soothing and delivers on multiple levels when it comes to improving tone, texture and condition. This is likely something I will work into my rotation every couple of months going forward as it’s fast, efficient and feels fantastic.

Another new-to-me experience has been Whole Body Cryotherapy at Ona Skincare. Requiring only three minutes total time, it’s the fastest way I’ve found to instantly revive all of my senses and find instant energy. If you haven’t tried this proven treatment, trust me… now’s the time.

In addition to this bit of maintenance, I also swear by some daily practices involving mists and sprays you can find in here.



With the abundance of fruits, vegetables and herbs available at every farm stand in the area, eating healthy is a snap this time of year. I am often found outside cutting tomatoes and peppers, along with a bit of basil or parsley from my garden when it’s time to prep dinner. So much better than having to shop! Incorporating bright, nutrient-dense produce not only makes meals taste better, but it also makes for a lovely presentation on the table.

Most of my fuel definitely comes from what’s been harvested or freshly picked, but I still try to adhere to a bit of supplementation just to keep things in check. I am a huge follower of many health gurus and constantly keeping up with the latest products and their benefits. I regularly use adaptogens in a powdered form shaken into my Bulletproof Coffee, and also experiment with different types of boosters and proteins depending on the mood and what my body is telling me. One of the best discoveries over the past couple of months has been the Advanced Enzyme System from the Rainbow Bright line. It’s great for the digestive system, eases up bloating (from all of those raw veggies) and is simple to pick up at either Turnip Truck or Whole Foods.

Photo by Alaina Mullin



One of the most enjoyable facets of a summer vacation often includes the people we are with. Whether that’s friends, family or just a partner — savoring time with others is especially sweet when days seem to run on forever. I’ve always loved having people over and that often is put off during a period of multiple trips. Being at home has allowed me to completely embrace the practice and it has been a continual stream of people visiting from elsewhere, impromptu cookouts or cocktails on relaxed evenings and lots of late afternoon gathering on Fridays. The continuous rotation keeps me entertained, my heart full and my longing for escape at bay. I keep the house full of fresh flowers, bowls of produce and of course, a slew of snacks and mixers for guests.

I’ve also incorporated this into our regular practice with the Edit team. We may be pushing through meetings and assignments in a rush most days, but we are taking the time weekly to explore the city through our own field trips, which has given us a chance to check out the latest rooftop bar, or inventive restaurant. We even do a fun mix up of our own for content and fun that easily blend together at lunchtime. Check out our Potluck Adventure and all of the recipes for ideas on how we are soaking up joy along with everyday tasks. We spend so much time with those we work with, it’s only natural that lots of summer-celebrating include each other.

A highlight from this month was an overnight stay at The Omni Nashville with my sister to celebrate our birthdays, which you’ll read all about in my next column in this series. Stay tuned to the site and our social media channels over the next couple of weeks to watch for it.