I first met Chad James when he was working with the late Landy Gardner out of a studio on Bandywood Drive in Green Hills. He was a young, up-and-coming designer fortunate to be working with one of the city’s most prominent firms. Shortly after, I started noticing more and more big-name projects with his credits involved. I knew it was only a matter of time until his light was shining too bright not to share.

Fast-forward a decade (plus), and he’s flying all over the country and beyond to complete major renovations and design projects from the architectural elements to the placement of the furniture. Out of his Edgehill Village offices, he is operating quite a design business and claims that a great number of his projects are no longer just in Nashville, but in affluent areas all over the globe.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t in full focus when it comes to catering to the lifestyle needs of his local fans and friends. Two of those people are music power couple Joe Don Rooney and Tiffany Fallon, who chose Chad and his team to create the perfect home environment that will hopefully serve them for years to come.

He helped the couple find the right project, which turned out to be a French style red brick with a tiled roof, circa 1930. “I saw that home and it offered great possibility for their family. Once the home had been purchased, I embarked on an 18-month journey to restore and recreate the home that they love today.” Says James.



The lengthy project was well-worth the result, which has an evident Southern aesthetic, but also an edgy vibe. Using bold colors and patterns along with dramatic lighting and modern pieces, it is an eclectic mix of past and present, reflecting the owner’s own personal styles.

This is the busy couple’s primary home that they share with their three growing children. As a member of the award-winning musical trio, Rascal Flatts, Rooney is often touring with his bandmates while Tiffany holds down the fort. She’s known in the music and entertainment industry as not only one of its great beauties, but as the life of the party and always showing up with a smile on her face.  The couple is approachable and energetic, which is reflected in the choices that were made in decorating their living space.

Music influences are peppered throughout, since that’s of great importance to this household. Furnishings have a cozy vibe and are family friendly with a nice contrast to the smattering of fine antique pieces throughout the house. Pops of vivid hues in accessories and the art collection are a nice contrast against the soft neutral color palette that grounds the house with a natural feel.

The Rooney household is just one example of how James can personally deliver to his clients on a level that speaks to their wants in terms of living and making memories in an environment that brings joy every day. Even though he may be on the road many days of the year (just like Rascal Flatts), we hope more projects like this are in the near future right here in Music City.