Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place in October of every year, and this year in Nashville, we’ve got a special guest: Keep A Breast Foundation. The non-profit organization promotes breast cancer education to all but aims to ensure young women are as informed as they need to be through incredible community involvement and an exciting art exhibition. This year’s exhibit is taking place at Riverside Revival and is the 20th international city to host the event. The exhibition will be displaying artist-decorated breast casts of over six-dozen of Nashville’s most notable ladies, that will all be auctioned off to encourage breast cancer education and support. The Nashville Edit talked to just a few of the women taking part to hear about their involvement and what makes this so special to them. 


“You’d think that being cast for KAB would be a self-conscious thing; instead, I found it liberating and empowering. Being comfortable in your body is the first step in developing the kind of awareness that enables you to identify when something is wrong. I have a history of breast cancer in my family, so monthly checks are imperative. Anything I can do to help raise awareness in others is important work that I am proud to do.”


“It’s such an honor to support my sisters at The Keep A Breast Foundation. We see you and we are with you.”


“Now that I’m pregnant — and finally have boobs to speak of — they have been immortalized! I love this project and its mission to help women save our own lives with self-checks.” 


“My surgery was in four days. Bilateral mastectomy. I walked into a converted workshop, all windows and light and sunbeams, where I was met by the women of Keep A Breast. As I told my story, one of early detection, the women in the room created the space for a sacred moment. They hugged on me, they oiled me, they cast me, all with reverence and tenderness that only women can offer. I left feeling like I was being carried to my surgery as if God herself had prepared my body for the loss. I am grateful.”


“I’m so proud of my cast and all the hard work that the women at Keep A Breast do. Early detection can often save lives, and empowering women to know their breasts is vital. I hope these casts inspire more women to keep abreast with breast cancer.”


“Keep A Breast Foundation has a beautiful approach to education that is meant to take breast health out of the cold clinical setting, and make it less scary, and more understandable. They’re doing powerful work!”