Luxury event designer Jessica Sloane and chef Molly Martin collaborated to offer an exclusive intentional dining opportunity at Juniper Green’s new private dining space within The Fairlane Hotel. Asymmetry, an experiential dinner, included a five-course meal featuring a menu curated and prepared by Juniper Green which was paired with limited edition dinnerware by SALT Ceramics, floral design and installation by Saint Maide, and a guided tea experience by the Tea Huntress.

The thoughtful evening brought together Nashville’s powerhouse women and was inspired by the harmony, beauty, and simplicity of nature. 2020 has been a year defined by change, grief, and suffering for the collective, this group of creative women united for an evening focused on celebrating the beauty in the broken. The evening began with an introductory tea presentation from Tea Huntress Sarah Scarborough, allowing guests to transition into an intentional mindset for the dinner. The meaningful dinner allowed the chance to celebrate, pause, reprioritize, and refocus moving forward.




Event designer Jessica Sloane, most well-known for her exquisite weddings, and chef Molly Martin, owner of culinary company Juniper Green, paired up to create an event that allowed them to display their artistic creativity to its fullest. Sloane’s design concept was inspired by her own life, this collective time of suffering, and her intention to embrace what is.

“The beauty in the imperfection and impermanence in nature is what resonates with me the most. On my own journey, I’m learning that what appears to be out of balance or less than, is in perfect harmony.”



Chef Molly Martin presented each dish with a detailed explanation of her inspiration behind each curation. “Enduring and accepting life during a pandemic has been a struggle for all of us. For me, it allowed me to clear my head and really think about people who have inspired me along the way, and Jessica was one of the first ones to come to mind,” said Martin.

“When we spoke about beauty that has come from the pain, the idea of Asymmetry came to mind and we knew we had to make it happen.”


All socially distanced and COVID precautions were taken to ensure the safety of guests and staff in attendance at the event on November 15th.


@abigaillewisphot0 | Abigail Lewis Photography