One of the area’s most anticipated developments, Sylvan Supply, is quite the hotspot. Inside, houses newer locations for local establishments, including Otaku Ramen, Pure Barre, and Bearded Iris. Sylvan Supply is also where chef and cookbook author Amanda Frederickson is serving approachable, healthy fare inside her Radish Kitchen dining concept. Whether you opt for a bowl, wrap, salad, or some fro-yo, your tastebuds will be delighted. 

If you’re a fan of Café Rozé in East Nashville, we’ve got great news! Founder Julia Jaksic extended her delicious yet straightforward dishes built with quality ingredients to Belle Meade. This sister location, Roze Pony, is serving up fresh fare morning, noon, and night to happy patrons, and the well-stocked grab-and-go market is going to be the new top stop for all of us hitting Percy Warner on the weekends. Marigold Gourmet Popcorn is another favorite spot on this side of town. Consider it a must-visit for a little self-indulgent snack or a great place for a unique (but totally satisfying) hostess gift. The locally-owned shop opened in the L &L Market and has every flavor you can imagine. 




Moving from their hometown of Memphis just six years ago, Melanie Kerr and Kerr Tigrett have fallen in love with the city where they’re raising their family while livening up the social scene with fresh energy and laughter. He’s the President and Chief Compliance Officer at Iron Horse Captial while Melanie keeps their schedules together and manages their lovely estate off of Highway 100. You might see the two of them working out together at Takes 2 Fitness or walking in their Jocelyn Hollow neighborhood before heading out to dinner. They’re fun, active, and all about enjoying their neighborhood to the fullest. 




The large, mature trees on our street create a beautiful canopy for the drive. The neighborhood has a waterfall flowing into sleepy creeks with wildlife roaming throughout the community. What’s not to love about raising a family in that type of setting?  Our home feels like a warm place to welcome friends and family. When out-of-town guests visit, we take them to Jackson Falls off of Natchez Trace and hike up to the overlook for beautiful views. West Meade Waterfall is spectacular during winter when it’s frozen.



The two restaurants we probably visit most often near the house are 360 Bistro for date night and Sperry’s for catching up with friends. The adjacent Sperry’s Mercantile is also a godsend for home cooking essentials. They sell the same steaks, seafood, farm-fresh eggs, and pantry items used to prepare popular menu items. Plus, there’s an array of delicious pre-prepared foods and dry pantry items for those busy weeknight dinners.

When it’s family night, we take the kids to Porta Via for pizza and pasta and to The Café at Thistle Farms or Le Peep for brunch. If you need somewhere to watch a game, we love Sam’s Placethey have curbside pickup too! Lastly, to curb the inevitable sweet tooth, we frequent Dalt’s for chocolate cake and a malted milkshake. It’s the perfect pick me up on a rainy day. As far as local shops go, Magpies for children’s clothing and Phillips Toy Mart is fun for big kids and little ones alike. If we need a thoughtful gift or refresh item for the house, G&G Interiors is quick and close.