Some people just have an incredible presence no matter what they’re wearing. It’s instantly noticeable and most often has more to do with attitude and body language than anything else. But, a fashionable wardrobe definitely comes into play as these individuals have usually figured out what works for them – and use the knowledge to choose well when building or editing personal ensembles. Our CLOSET ENVY series is all about getting up close and personal with these personalities, and (of course) sharing the best details with you. Meet Fletcher Foster.

Serving as the president/CEO of F2 Entertainment, Foster is a prominent name in the music industry with one of the most eclectic but impressive backgrounds on Music Row. He has worked with the likes of Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, and TLC (just to name a few). It came as no surprise that he had a killer playlist going the entire shoot. So good, in fact, our photographer stopped mid shoot to compliment a song selection (AJR ‘Bang!’). “We went from Zara to Versace,” Fletcher laughed as he walked us through his wardrobe choices for the shoot. He rifled through his closet holding a custom jacket he had made in Hong Kong, while mentioning his favorite pairs of sneakers are from Zara and people are constantly asking what designer makes them. Throughout the course of our morning with Fletcher, he shared details of a trip to Bali that ultimately inspired the Asian oasis aesthetic of his home (fun fact: he transported the wood used throughout his home back from Bali in shipping containers), patiently answered all of my questions about his collection of antique rosaries (so cool), all the while being upstaged by his two furry companions who made a number of cute cameos. Always looking effortlessly dapper, Fletcher somehow makes wearing a bandana (his post covid accessory that is now his daily uniform) look chic.



Hero Items: My Cartier watch – it’s evergreen! I wear it with everything from jeans to suits to tuxedos.

Daily Uniform: Pre-Covid, it was jeans with some type of jacket or blazer, but since Covid, it’s been much more about comfortable pants and hoodies.

My Look: Timeless meet trendy.

Closet You Would Most Like To Have: Tom Ford – or a much more subtle Harry Styles.

Best Closet Organization Trick: I don’t think it’s a trick, but I try and keep the same colors and the same types of clothing together. It makes it much easier to find clothes that go together – especially if I’m in a hurry.

Hanging Up: Wood hangers.

Item You Will Own Forever: Some of my blazers and suits. Fashion always circles back around and with a few alterations on some timeless pieces you can’t go wrong. As they say, ‘everything old is new again’.

Capsule Collection: Casual dress pants, great fitting jeans, cashmere sweaters, tailored white shirts, and a light black leather jacket.

Trend You Are Most Excited To See Go: If baggies jeans are coming back, I’m gone…for now.

Collector: I love antique rosaries. They are fashionable, but more importantly carry a spiritual significance to me.

My Motto: Wear the clothes – don’t let them wear you. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, it will probably show.




Online Shopping: There are so many now but my top picks are Zara,, (for jeans), and

Go-To Designers: The two spectrums are Tom Ford and Zara. They work for me because neither one normally needs any alterations.

Best Style Tip: Alterations! There’s nothing like clothes that fit the way they should. I can totally change an outfit with a great tailor.

Scent: I don’t tend to wear cologne, but if I do I like Jean Paul Gaultier or Carolina Herrera Men.

Current Obsession: Hoodies – casual and dressier. Since Covid, bandanas.  They may not be the most protective but if I’m wearing one, it’s a good back up if I forget my mask. It’s starting to become a part of my ‘uniform’.

Luggage: A great leather back for weekend trips and a roller back for flights (I don’t like to check bags unless I have to).

Shoes: For dress shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo. For sneakers, I’m loving Allbirds and Natives – both are great for travel.

Fashion Icon: Ralph Lauren’s style has remained so timeless and still is relevant. The classic looks from Cary Grant and James Dean have been contemporized by Ryan Gosling and Patrick Schwarzenegger and I love it.

Always Bulk Buying: CK underwear and t-shirts. Lately, bandanas – Covid meets fashion.

Favorite Local Places To Shop: Levy’s, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and UAL.

Wardrobe Wishlist: Some interesting summer shorts and shirts.

Best Splurge: Tom Ford suit. It is my staple for suits.

Worst Splurge: I’ve purchases a few pair of shoes that felt good in the store and when I got them home, I never wanted to wear them again.

Loungewear: Greyson is my go-to.

Latest Discovery: – it’s an awesome way to get a great fitting shirt that can be personalized with you own choice of collars, cuffs, buttons, etc.