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Making music came naturally to singer-songwriter, Aubrie Sellers, who carries a first-class pedigree as the daughter of Grammy-winning singer Lee Ann Womack and country artist Jason Sellers. While her country music influences are apparent, they are uniquely interwoven with the power and guts heard from her favorite classic ’70s rock bands like Led Zeppelin. Dealing with the struggles of anxiety and the complicated relationship of being an introverted performer, Sellers walks the tightrope of vulnerability and strength with honest lyrics that aren’t afraid to address difficult topics (something country music tends to stay away from). After walking away from a major label and a massive management company, it’s clear that this girl has to make music that speaks to her and the fans that see themselves in her. Her sophomore album, “New City Blues” was a smashing debut, ranking No. 13 on Rolling Stone’s “Top Country Albums of 2016”. Sellers is gearing up for a new collaborative project set to debut later this year (and yes, we’re all on the edges of our seats). When she isn’t writing raw, heart-wrenching tunes of her own, Sellers loves to spend copious amounts of time reading and talking about books that move her on her bookstagram, @biblioclique.




Astrological Sign: Aquarius. Cancer rising.

Instagram: @aubriesellers

Born & Raised: Nashville, TN

Morning Ritual: I get up, make my bed, brush my teeth and wash my face, burn some amber incense, read a little bit, and journal before breakfast.

Wellness Secret: Know yourself and your limits and work around that, habits are more sustainable when you are doing something in a way that fits your personality and is not too stressful for you.

Health Essentials: I was feeling very lethargic and got my blood drawn and found that I was deficient in several vitamins, mainly iron, b12, and vitamin D. Taking these have helped my energy immensely! Floradix iron supplements are great, but fair warning they taste like you’re eating a penny. I still find it much easier to take vitamins in liquid form rather than swallow a million pills.

Candle I Love to Light: I love anything with amber and I also did a limited edition version of the Ranger candle by Fury Bros because I loved it so much. I burned it in the studio while making my last record. It’s a warm, masculine scent with saddle leather, pine, and citrus. I still have a few up on my website!

Signature Lipstick: Fabby by M.A.C.

Scent: Stella McCartney

Always Bulk Buying: Wasabi flavored seaweed snacks. They are perfect for mindless snacking.

Collector: Books. There is nothing I love more than going to the bookstore and buying a few new books.

Never Leave Home Without: Once again, a book! You never know when you might have a little moment to read.

3 P.M. Snack: Other than seaweed snacks, watermelon. I actually can’t stop eating it once I start, it’s a problem.

Spring Crush: Two-piece workout outfits, something I never thought I would say!

Hero Skincare Product: Aquaphor! It is so great for lips and areas that need some extra moisture retention.

Hair Guru: Leah Hoffman at Parlour and Juke (Soon to be rebranded as Beauty School)

Exercise Regimen: Classpass for pilates, yoga, and spin!

Best Compliment: My love language is words of affirmation. Any compliment that seems thoughtful or unique goes a long way with me.

The Most Overrated Virtue: We live in a world that values extroversion and I’m ready for people to start embracing the unique gifts that introverts bring to the world.

I Value: Loyalty, honesty, curiosity, and sensitivity.

Daily Uniform: Jeans, boots, and a t-shirt tied in a knot.

Recent Google Search: Nashville Public Library, so I could add the book “Fluent Forever” to my holds.

Book I Am Currently Reading:  I just finished The Heart’s Invisible Furies and it was heartbreaking and very well-written.

I Procrastinate: Mopping. I really do not like to mop for some reason.

Furry Friends: I have two white and tan cats from the same litter, Laney and Luna.

Current Obsession: “The Matte” which is a mat you put over your sink to give you more counter space to do your makeup.

Career High: Getting to collaborate with Steve Earle and Ralph Stanley, and being surprised by two Americana Award nominations last year.

Curing a Creative Block: Living life and continuing to move physically and mentally. Don’t try to force it, stay curious and keep moving.

Up Next: I have a collaboration with Ryan Culwell coming out in May, and another collaboration project coming out later this year!