This year’s Harding Art Show, an already highly anticipated event, brings a larger state of expectancy. After having to postpone last year’s event, the 45th annual art show has returned and is ready to showcase around 75 artists from across 13 states. Although this year’s show will be held virtually from April 29 – May 2nd, you can rest assured that there is not a single lack in creativity and craft. All of these artists have specialties in multiple mediums and have an extraordinary display of talent. We have sought out a few artists in particular that we are eager to see, as their artistic capabilities have piqued our interest and impressed us.  Each one bringing a technique and craft that is unique, distinctive, and skilled.


1 / Captivated by Clay with Laura Clark 

Having already established a background in painting, Laura’s first experience with clay was during her Fine Arts Program studies at Auburn University. Since then, she has transformed her devotion to art into a three-dimensional, and breathtaking, sculptural haven. Laura has taken her customary finesse and molded it together with influences from different cultures and places to create contemporary, delicate, and soothing shapes. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who encounters Laura’s sculptures, will too, be undeniably captivated. @lauraclarkartistry



2 / An Invitation to Design with Kristina Akers

One wouldn’t think that spending six years creating invitations and stationery would somehow transition into an art career. Well, Kristina Akers finally decided to extend an invitation to herself and venture into the world of painting. Her canvases consist of a color palette that would bring joy to any room. They are layered with textures and colors displayed with an abstract twist. Kristina has a skillfulness that is apparent with every brush stroke. A pop of color is always needed in life, and her paintings are certainly the best way to get it. @kristina_akers



3 / A Stroke of Simplicity with Chris Coleman 

 A true artist in every way, Chris Coleman, has experienced art in the forms of music, photography, and now painting. A local Nashvillian and married to Holly Williams, Coleman uses his past experiences and passion for history and the Old West to create distinctive pieces that make it hard to fancy just one. He has a knack for using black paint, a brush, and his finger to create minimalist pieces that speak volumes. His high level of artistry is displayed in every piece, leaving the viewer enchanted, curious, and wanting to buy more. @chriscolemanart



4 / Layered by Watercolor with Katherine Miller 

Katherine Miller is a team favorite over at the Edit, as she was featured in our last issue.  As a child, Katherine was encouraged to draw on the walls by her parents, an unknowing foreshadow into her future. Fast-forward to today, and not only is she a fabulously talented watercolorist, but she has transformed one of her series into wall coverings for her co-created brand, Julia Kipling. As if adding one of her collections wouldn’t bring your house enough joy, the awe-inspiring “Otomi” line is bound to enhance any home. Inspired by colors and light within her surroundings she also pulls inspiration from nature and familiar, everyday items. Katherine’s goals are to bring joy and brightness to everyone and their surroundings, which she does so effortlessly with every piece she creates. Whether on your wall via frame or paper, no home should be without the fanciful design of Katherine Miller.  @katherinemillerart



5 / The Power of Words with A-N-D

Driven by the power of words and the never-ending meanings that they possess, Andy Adams centers his designs around adding a mixture of letters throughout. By default, humans have a habit of instantly trying to form words when seeing letters singled out. Knowing this, Adams has taken human nature and transformed it into an interactive art piece. Every spectator will find different words to make from the letters, creating different meanings for each person. An innovative and clever approach to creating art with deep meaning for both the artist and the viewer, A-N-D has allowed everyday objects to be filled with everyday letters that leave you feeling anything but ordinary. @thenameisand



6 / Taking Shape with Sarah Ella Cole 

As a self-taught artist, Sarah Ella Cole has mastered the art of painting. Her craft is taking geometric shapes and creating a bold but balanced canvas filled with layered colors and textures. She uses every media from charcoal, putty, acrylic, watercolor, oil crayon and even coffee (yes, coffee) to create a neutral color palette that is aesthetically pleasing. Her atypical approach to painting is brilliantly displayed and gives off a peaceful and tranquil visual. With every layer and daring shape comes an added reason as to why we cannot get enough of Sarah’s work.  @sarahellacole