With vacation season off to a blazing start, why not have some additional tricks up your sleeve when it comes to packing? Not only will your biceps thank you because your bags will be a bit lighter, but most vacations are also a time to relax and use a more simplified routine. 


Lean On Multi-Purpose Products.

A no-brainer on saving space, multi-purpose products are more multi than you might think. Speaking from experience, a single jar of Clary Collection Balm can save you if you accidentally leave your toiletry bag behind. I’ve used it for a face cleansing balm, as a finishing oil for my hair, and everything in between. Another go-to is makeup that doubles as skincare. Ilia’s Super Serum Skin Tint, which contains skincare actives like niacinamide and squalane oil that keep your skin smooth and dewy along with SPF 40, saves you from having to bring along both another moisturizer and any additional face sun protection. Another great multi-purpose product is a cream blush, which you can use three ways: lip balm, blush, and eyeshadow. A personal favorite is Ere Perez Colour Pot in shade Healthy. 

Take A Smell Down Nostalgia Lane.

When packing for a trip to Paris several years ago, I added a mini rollerball of a new fragrance line that I had been wanting to test out for Lemon Laine. It was the best last-minute packaging decision because now every time I smell it, it takes me back to wandering the cozy streets of the Marais with my husband. From now on, I try to pair a new fragrance with any big trip. If you want to save room for souvenirs, look for a body lotion like Le Paradis Tahiti Body Balm or Riddle Milky Spray Body Lotion that can double as your fragrance. But hear me loud and clear: pack something with a fragrance that is new to you.


There’s A Tea For That.

Nothing worse than feeling icky while on vacation. To help for those hungover mornings, a scratchy throat, or an uneasy stomach, I always bring various tea bags. For a scratchy throat, I love Sing from locally made High Garden Tea. For an upset stomach, reach for ginger or peppermint teas. For constipation, sip on anything containing senna. My favorite for a mood-booster from The Fullest called Warm Feelings. Warm Feelings contains saffron which has been used for centuries in the Middle East (and has been clinically shown) to help improve your mood.  

Grab a gift set. 

A little-known beauty industry secret is how much of a bargain that limited edition gift set truly is. They’re usually a brand’s way of getting you to try out their product-typically paired with a steep discount. Better yet, they’re often more affordable than buying individual travel-size versions. My favorites? Goop’s Glow Bestsellers–the travel jar of Microderm Instant Exfoliator helps brighten and smooth skin. Indie Lee’s Discovery Kit includes a mini bottle of CoQ10 Toner–the perfect skin refresher during a long flight.