Podcasts are becoming more and more popular by the week it seems, and with life picking back up, and people spending more time in the car again- we are certainly in need of some new entertainment.

Luckily, Textures Nashville, a luxury bespoke flooring company ( Hello, Greenery Co., The Twelve Thirty Club, The Russell Hotel) whose motto is, “flooring is fashion” (and we obviously couldn’t agree more), has created a process-driven podcast called Couture & Construction, that breaks down the luxury side of the construction industry. Andrew Denny, owner of Textures Nashville, hosts and interviews some of the most notable talents in the design and build industry such as: Christopher Peacock, Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, Amhad Freeman, and  Kelly Ladwig – to name just a few – to get an experts perspective on a process that always seems daunting and overwhelming. We have the top tips from seasons 1 and 2  to give you some insight into everything and everyone you need to know when building or renovating your home.

1-  Know Your Numbers

The number one thing, most important, is understanding your budget. Whether you’re in the first few stages or the final design stages, make sure you maintain a constant grasp of your budget as the project progresses.

2- Assemble Your Dream Team.

Putting together the right team is essential in working together to finish the perfect project. Make sure to do your research. Seek qualified professionals and ensure the person you choose has the experience and knowledge to help you with exactly what you’re looking to do with your project.

3- Communication Is Key.

Communicating consistently with your partner, builder, architect, design team, and vendors throughout the process is vital to successfully complete your dream project. Determine which means of communication works best for your team (phone, email, text, etc)

4- Quality. Quality. Quality.

You may have to spend more upfront, but the quality will last you much longer and will be worth it in the long run.

5- Consider Your Daily Routine.

How you live your life day to day makes a huge impact on the design of your home. If your left-handed or right-handed can impact a kitchen design, morning rituals will change a bedroom layout, have kids, like to entertain, spend time outdoors…designing for how you live will make a big impact in building your perfect, dream home.

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6- Understand Your Options.

Whether you’re designing a pool, choosing your flooring, or selecting your slab, there are many variations and options. Learn the differences and leverage your knowledge to make the right decision for your project.

7-  Get Inspired.

Find inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and create boards. These inspirational images will give your design team a better understanding of your dream vision and your design style. Also, having a list of things you don’t like is equally as important. They both work cohesively in achieving your dream design.

8- Build Trust.

Lastly, and probably the hardest, trust the professionals. Understand they know what they’re doing and rely upon their expertise.