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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Joel Crouse moved to Nashville to pursue a country music career at just 17 years old. After doing the Nashville dive bar scene for a while, Crouse hit his mark opening for the likes of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on Swift’s RED Tour and spending four years on the road with Darius Rucker. After watching Sheeran perform on the RED Tour, he realized he wasn’t making music that was truly authentic to him. With the release of his newest pop EP, Wasteland, Crouse gives an exclusive look into music that celebrates his idiosyncrasies and takes listeners through the struggles of finding himself, getting back on his feet, and the dark days that pushed him to where he is today. Despite the hardships of an intense car accident, rehab, and a broken business relationship, Crouse has remained resilient. As a true Boston boy, his charm comes from his sweet, sarcastically mannered sense of self. His tune “On My Way”, reflects the songwriter’s passionate advocacy for mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and vulnerability on his platform.


Instagram: @joelcrouse

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Born & Raised: Holland, Massachusetts

Morning Ritual: I usually start my morning with some sort of caffeine. Typically either sugar-free Red Bull or a Dunkin’s iced coffee. 

Daily Uniform: Workout clothes or jeans and some type of T-shirt or flannel. 

Healthiest Daily Habit: I try to run or do some form of exercise daily. 

Wellness Essentials: I really love Essentia Water. I feel like it hydrates me well as a singer and a runner. I usually use pre-workout before I exercise. If I’m being strict, it’s usually a high protein low carb diet.

Early Bird or Night Owl: Both.

Never Leave Home Without: My phone. 

On My Bedside Table: A candle, a lamp, and an eye pillow. 

Favorite Hotel for a Weekend Away: Dream Hollywood.

3 P.M. Snack: Protein shake.

Grooming Go-To’s: Bumble and Bumble curl products for my hair and hemp lotion for my skin.

Scent: Valentino Uomo

Favorite Netflix Series: The Crown and Queen’s Gambit.

Song on Repeat: “Sword From the Stone” by Passenger and “Strangers” by Mt. Joy. 

Favorite Nashville Restaurant + Go-To Order: Chicken Scarpariello at Valentino’s. 

Exercise Regimen: Running 

Currently Obsessed With: My diffuser.

Best Advice: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to somehow trust that the dots will connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs 

Perfect Day Off: Waking up with no plans and no internet connection.

Creative Process: Creativity comes in waves, I still have random inspiration, which is always nice. However, if I don’t have a session or something I’m working on,  I try to be creative at least once or twice during the day… whether it’s writing a few lyrics or chords, making a track, etc.

Most Used App: Unfortunately, Instagram. 

Favorite Cities in the World: Boston, NYC, and London. 

Recent Google Search: How to spell “scarpariello.” 

I Procrastinate: Probably everything.

Cocktail: Kettle Martini, dry, slightly dirty with regular olives.

On Curing a Creative Block: Stepping away from whatever it is and working on something else. 

Invention that Would Improve My Life: A Time Machine. 

Important Causes: I am passionate about mental health causes, specifically suicide prevention. 

Hero Wardrobe Items: Vince Mayer shoes and Ted Baker socks.

Favorite Seat on a Plane: The one that has an empty seat next to it. 

Always in My Hand Luggage:  Four different pairs of headphones.

If I Could be Stuck at One Age: 25 because everything didn’t hurt when I wake up, but I also wasn’t as dumb as I was when I was 21.

Guilty Pleasure: Gas station food.

Up Next: Releasing new music in the next few months.