Health-focused luxury spas are definitely having a moment right now. With wellness being more talked about than ever before in our social spheres, many of us are deciding to make the most of our vacations by immersing ourselves in mind and body wellness. Canyon Ranch offers just that. Since 1979, they have received countless awards for their innovative approach to health and fitness, not to mention their serene and inspiring spa environments. While we have a glossy feature coming out in our first print publication, we wanted to share with you a little bit about this luxurious retreat here first.

5 Reasons You Should Book a Stay at Canyon Ranch

If you like to hike, we’ve got you. The exhilarating treks along the celebrated Appalachian Trail through the Berkshires make for the perfect workout and serene environment to stroll along.


They offer an integrative approach – including mind, body and spirit, helping you create greater balance in your life.


360° wellness programs offer a spa experience that works with your lifestyle.


Did we mention all-inclusive and incredible cuisine and accommodations?

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Plus they offer alternative & traditional spa therapies from every hemisphere, allowing you to find a therapy that works best with your mind and body.


And, most importantly, physicians and registered nurses with expertise in preventive & integrative medicine are on staff, ready to assist and give their expertise at all times.

4 Things to Try at Canyon Ranch Lenox That Will Surprise You:

  • Creative Expression – Learn to Draw: This hands-on class brings you back to childhood with an edgy outlook by artist Morris Bennett.
  • Mindfulness Workshop – Seeking Inspiration from Within: Experiential exercise with soul cards.
  • Muscle Melt for Road Warriors: Modern day-spa therapy twist on what was originally developed in Thailand to ease aches and pains of battle-weary warriors.
  • The Art of Fencing – Swordplay Clinic: Satisfy the dream of exploring the art of fencing.

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