With the arrival of The Joseph Hotel downtown, yet another option for a 24/7 luxury experience has arrived.  Hooray for our city! All of us at Edit have been looking forward to the opening, as the privately-owned property was preceded with quite a reputation based on the original. Let’s just say that the Nashville locale may be even better than was anticipated. I personally am a little bit over the moon about just how fabulous it is.


Here are a few highlights from my initial visits that you’ll want to know before you go:

Culture Fix

If it’s your first time to visit the property, you will definitely want to allow some time to wander the lobby and common areas. The carefully crafted architecture and use of original art are evident from the exterior before even going inside a living wall of green flanks a moving display screen installation with conversation areas creatively placed for viewing from the entrance drive and valet stand area situated among modern sculpture. Inside, the artist crawl continues with something to catch your eye at every turn. The pieces are all part of the owner’s personal collection and are likely some of the most unique and valuable on display anywhere in the city.


Rooftop Reset

When you think of a restaurant with the name Denim, perhaps a Southern or honky-tonk vibe comes to mind. That’s definitely not the case here. There’s no evidence of rustic influence aside from various denim fabrics used on the furnishings and bar. For a much-needed afternoon break, I joined Edit co-founders and friends Lauren Hocker and Lacey Keally for some girl time we carved out to catch up before going our separate ways in the nearby spa. I ordered a delicious butter lettuce salad with perfectly cooked flank steak, and they indulged in the Prosciutto pizza (which was the table favorite!). We all sampled house cocktail creations, with The ‘Adult Swim’ being the concoction I would most likely order again (and again) or suggest for friends when visiting. The best part was the service. The staff was friendly and on-point with information and suggestions but not at all intrusive, allowing us to chat among ourselves in this elegantly casual setting.


Cabana Cocktails

You can see for miles from the deck that sports a lovely rooftop pool anchored by another living wall on clear days. Rather than feeling industrial, the space projects an instant resort vibe complete with green space and natural materials. A few days after my first Denim experience, I met a work contact here on a whim, and rather than doing business at a typical table, we each sank into incredibly comfortable sofas inside fabric-covered cabanas that line the pool. As it turned from day to dusk to dark during our meeting, the effect of the lighting design and the white cabana backdrops against the pool water was pure magic against the city skyline. For seeking privacy, these tucked in tent-like hideouts really can’t be beaten, especially downtown. The service from inside is full-on here, so you can enjoy the Denim menu and linger as long as your night allows. Again, block out the time!


Peace and Pampering

While Covid restrictions prevented us from being able to experience all that ROSE (the onsite spa) is going to over in terms of a full-on experience, we were able to get an idea of what to expect once the facility is running fully (more to come on this soon, I promise!). The good news is that except for one facial machine, Rose’s treatment menu is available, and the team on-hand is clearly talented when it comes to giving indulgent treatments meant to soothe and relax. I left with glowing skin after one of their specialty facials while my friends (who are both busy mothers) completely ‘blissed out’ during custom massages. We were also able to pick up a few items from the spa shop, where the high-end lines range from anti-aging hero products you won’t find elsewhere to transforming bath lines to continue the Rose experience at home.


Dinner Dates

To be honest, visiting a new place to do some ‘research’ on a wedding anniversary isn’t typical in my world. Personal time is usually just that, but with so much time spent at home over the last few months, the chance to visit a new dining spot to celebrate was a welcomed change. After traveling all over the world together trying places to share with readers over the years, there isn’t much that my husband and I haven’t seen, tasted, or enjoyed in terms of dining. So, to really give an authentic ‘wow’ factor is quite a feat for us, and that is exactly what happened during our dinner at Yolan as we toasted nine years. To write in detail about the meal could take another article or two, but to keep it short, I’m just sharing the highlights here. There will be more postings very soon on the fantastic chef and his wife – Tony and Cathy Mantuano. Their insight and presentation are going to change Nashville’s idea of fine Italian dining. Situated in a modern dining room, we enjoyed multiple courses (with servings sized appropriately and not heavy) and tried new wines from the unique collection. The salads, the pasta… THE PASTA… and the bread. Every bite was memorable. The fish was the best seafood that I have ever enjoyed, and my husband agreed that it was beyond impressive. Just as we thought it couldn’t get any better, desserts magically arrived. Usually, sweet treats are just a bit or two, but even though Yolan’s were almost too beautiful to eat, we managed to absorb every morsel. They were equal parts art and perfectly blended flavors. I can’t imagine a better finish to the perfect meal. The only thing that could have topped the experience is if we’d been able to stay the night (and tried the breakfast!), but I’m saving that for another day. So stay tuned…

Images courtesy of the Joseph.