I suppose it only makes sense that working as a stylist creates a serious shopper ?!  While some industry experts keep their focus on red-carpet frocks and baubles, I thrive on exploring the most unusual finds in every retail category. Give me an out-of-the-way second-hand furniture store or used bookshop, and I can likely strike gold. Anywhere, anytime. And sharing them with my peeps is the best part. That’s you, by the way—and these are a few things I’m suggesting that you check out at the moment.


Hunting Season

I am beyond thrilled that pop-ups and trunk shows are coming back…. with a shopping vengeance. I was lucky enough to pop by Hunting Season‘s Resort trunk show recently and walked away with their black double-strapped belt bag and beautiful croc-embossed leather lighter. No more ripping apart drawers for that tiny little matchbox (pocketed from somewhere long ago) for me! The pieces are works of art, literally. BUT, not only did I walk away with the coolest “It” items, it ends up that Lena and I know some of the same people (quite well) in NYC- such a small, fun world it is!

Dynamic DoubleJ

Speaking of Pop-Up’s, Libby Callaway welcomed Stacie Standifer and me (along with some seriously stylish women) into her revamped and oh-so-GORGEOUS home for a fabulous pop-up shopping experience with La DoubleJ. The uber-chic Italian label specializes in mood-boosting, vibrant prints, and mantras that are just so super cool. I was quickly drawn to a “Manifesting My Head Off” quote-front sweater, convinced this was what my inner chakra was intuitively directing me to take home. I also couldn’t take my eyes off of a swirling colorful printed dress with a matching oversized bag. Brilliant! My energy was enhanced immediately. No (retail) buzz intended.

Stacie’s Summer Secret Weapon(s)

In keeping with “positive vibes’, the Lemongrass incense sticks our editor is always burning poolside is the REAL DEAL. She got turned on to these after receiving them as an inventive hostess gift from Music City’s first lady, Sunny Spyridon, and has been stocking up since. From the brand HEM, they also come in Citronella and come straight from India. I LOVE legit foreign products (and ANYTHING foreign, natch), so they’re an automatic love affair, plus the smell is intoxicating and an excellent natural mosquito deterrent.  Keep them on re-order. I promise. PS: She also keeps bottles of similar scented pump sprays of Thistle Farms’ Essential Oil Bug Spray on all of the outdoor tables, bringing them straight from the fridge for a hit of misty cool, day or night.

Miami Vice

Since the beginning of this year, it has been “Miami, Miami, Miami”; “I’m going to South Beach,” non-stop. It seems to be all that I’ve been hearing. Practically everyone I know has been this year. The best boutique is En Avance  – located in the Design District ( a fantastic area to shop in itself). You can explore the world through this shop. Karen Quinones, the owner, travels the globe collecting unique, chic items to sell in her highly curated haunt, which is approaching 25+ years in business. When I met her in early 2021, she had just returned from Machu Picchu with the most originally beautiful things. Fortunately, she sells online, too!



Rattan, My Love

Having a rattan + lacquer moment…and totally by accident. While driving through Knoxville for my girls’ Summer camp drop-off, I had a sudden urge to find a vintage shop. Visions of furniture and other fun finds were dancing in my head. They were on-point, as I found a set of deep teal side tables, this black painted floral lacquer tray (for the pool I don’t have), a bamboo desk, a rattan side table…yep, I’m definitely having a moment!

Globe-trotting Glamour

This skirt by Emporio Sirenuse transports me straight back to Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano. Quite possibly my favorite hotel in Italy- at least on the Amalfi Coast. And their eponymous fashion line is no different- beautifully designed, printed, and embroidered cotton men’s and women’s wear depict romance and the nonchalance of the Italian coastal lifestyle. Including such fond and fun memories- the first time I went was for a US Glamour magazine photoshoot, wayyyyy back during my assistant days. Fun times!

Hermès Has Landed…

For die-hard Hermès devotees bummed when the Hermès Dip-Dye Event ended in October 2017, be sad no more!  Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry on Bandywood Drive in Green Hills is carrying pre-owned Hermès scarves in excellent condition. They also custom-make the most darling scarf ties.  Monogrammed is the way I went this shop, but Vince and Michelle also have those with pearls, stones, and pretty much every color collector scarf you can imagine.

Fashion Travel Euphoria

Because this is my DNA makeup- at least, it should be. At the moment, I’m all about the ’70s, and this cover says it all. Yves Saint Laurent The Scandal Collection 1971. Enough said. And then there’s…that little travel itch that keeps getting stronger. Surfing in Morocco may just take care of it. I found this book, I Love the Seaside the surf and travel guide to Morocco– in the Amsterdam airport on my way to Istanbul this past November, and it’s still center stage on my coffee table.  A super-luxe travel guide including recipes and wellness (no backpacks for me), the book also features my favorite hotels in Essaouira- Dar L’Oussia, and Villa Maroc (where you can purchase the most beautiful Moroccan white cotton extra-long curtains, just fyi). Yep, the itch is pretty intense.