We all know how hot summers in the South can be, especially when you mix in Middle Tenessee humidity. That means our coffee orders switch from steaming mugs to cold, iced lattes. If you’re anything like me, the heat only makes you more groggy throughout the day, so skipping out on my morning routine of coffee + podcast is not practical. So, I’ve adjusted my coffee order to be on ice for the remainder of the summer before heading into the office each morning.

The Best Coffee in Nashville

The great thing about Nashville is that there is absolutely no shortage of lovely cafés to make your morning caffeine run more exciting than a slow drive through the absurdly long Starbucks line. Why not get out of that rut and opt for one of these locally-run coffee shops, and try one of their pretty iced-lattes while you’re at it.

Stay Golden - coffee in nashville
Photo by Alaina Mullin
Stay Golden | Berry Hill & East Nashville

As you can see from the photo above, Stay Golden has such a clean and lovely atmosphere. When I’m not working at the office, I often work from either of their locations, ordering their Calypso (chilled coffee, falernum, aromatic cream, and pineapple dust) with their Avocado Toast. Their baristas are kind, the coffee is strong, and the aesthetic is one that promotes productivity–a necessity for our line of work. Try either of their locations and order up your own version of iced coffee. Maybe snap a photo while you’re there like we did!


Crema | Downtown

If strong coffee is your thing, you’ve got to make a stop into Crema when you’re near downtown. Crema has its own shop right across the street from Pinewood Social (which also serves Crema beans), but their coffee is sold in a variety of restaurants around town including Bastion, Henrietta Red, The Catbird Seat, and several others. My favorite way to drink Crema iced coffee is pretty simple: coffee +ice + a splash of coconut milk. Try it yourself!

The best iced latte coffee in Nashville, TN
Photo by Alaina Mullin
Frothy Monkey | The Nations, 12South, Downtown, Franklin

Nashville Edit’s Art Director, Alaina Mullin, and I can often be found at Frothy Monkey in The Nations, downing coffees and typing furiously on our computers. Not only is their coffee really high-quality, but the atmosphere there is my favorite of all their locations. With a subtle Italian vibe, I feel at home whether I’m drinking a cappuccino or, of course, an iced latte. Their staff is friendly and always accommodating to Alaina’s stack of magazines she carries everywhere and the six notepads I lay across their bartop. If you happen to see us out in public, chances are it’s walking in and out of Frothy, hyped on coffee and editorial plans.

Tempered Café & Chocolate | Germantown

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Tempered Café is one of my favorite coffee shops in Nashville. If you sit on their patio, the brick sidewalk makes you feel like you’re sitting outside a quaint café in France. But, if you’re going to sit outside on a summer day, you can’t order a regular cup of coffee without burning up (speaking from experience on this one). They will serve your iced coffee in a tall, slender glass along with a carafe of water to keep you both hydrated and energized at the same. This is the perfect place to order from if you like your solitude, as the small patio offers just that in the early afternoons.


Fido | Hillsboro Village

If you find yourself in Hillsboro Village, Fido is a great place to grab an iced coffee to go or to stick around. They have plenty of space, so whether you’re just stopping in before running to Green Hills, or you plan on responding to emails from their café, Fido is your spot. I recently listened to a podcast where one of our favorite gals, Mallory Ervin, spoke about how she met her husband at this local coffee shop, so now I’m inspired to go sit myself down in Fido for the foreseeable future.

A small Nashville café with the best coffee
Photo by Alaina Mullin

Killebrew Coffee | The Gulch

Killebrew is located in the Thompson Hotel‘s lobby, making it the perfect place to swing by if you’re running errands in The Gulch. Since it’s a small café, you can pop in and out relatively quickly and get on with your day. Their iced coffees are just as lovely as their interior and the café is in close proximity to great lunch spots (like those on M Street). The location is ideal for grabbing a pick-me-up before Barry’s Bootcamp, or while browsing Design Within Reach.

Restoration Hardware | Green Hills

We all know RH Café is stunning, and certainly a great choice for your iced coffee order when you’re in the Green Hills area. This is definitely one for leisure, so bring a girlfriend to sit and chat with over coffees and cool off in their beautiful atmosphere. Or, bring a book and relax with some solo time on their rooftop patio. You really can’t go wrong either way. Who knows, you may even just do some shopping while you’re there!

Your Own Kitchen!

Want to stock your fridge with iced coffee so you can sip on it from the comfort of your home this summer? My favorites (which can be found at Whole Foods in Green Hills or Cool Springs) are Organic Pecan Cold Brew Coffee or Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. Just pour over ice, add a splash of your creamer of choice, and you’ve got a refreshing boost of energy straight from your kitchen!