As we approach cooler months, it is once again imperative that we keep our immune system robust and healthy. In the last couple of months, we’ve added some new items at Lemon Laine to help in that regard from none other than Moon Juice, Beekeeper’s Naturals, and The Nue Co. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, but one that our bodies are unable to make or store on their own, making it a critical part of a balanced diet. Though it’s known mostly as an immunity go-to, the truth is that Vitamin C is only effective in that way if it is taken at the right dosage and if your body is able to absorb it.

Nue Co Immunity $45 and Moon Juice Super You $38 supplements contain over 100% of your daily Vitamin C.  So, you get the right amount with additional ingredients included to ensure that it gets absorbed.



Vitamin D3

It is currently estimated that nearly one billion people globally have low levels of Vitamin D in their blood, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

In the immune system, Vitamin D interacts directly with the cells that fight infection, and a number of studies have determined that supplementation could reduce the risk of respiratory infections. We recommend Nue Co Vitamin D $25 in a spray or Ora Vitamin D $17 in capsule form. 


Bee Propolis

I would bathe in propolis if I could. With 300+ beneficial compounds, propolis is the bodyguard of the beehive. Bees use it to line the walls of their hives to keep the germs out. We can use it to support our immune systems and soothe scratchy throats. Beekeeper’s Naturals makes a high-quality line of propolis products—throat lozenges, adult and kid’s throat spray, and even a good ol’ jar of honey too. 


Bee Keeper's B.Immune Throat Spray
Bee Keeper’s B.Immune Throat Spray