Although Berry Hill is one of the smallest neighborhoods around Nashville, it possesses an abundance of offerings that make stopping by worthwhile. For starters, it is a designer’s haven. The resources are unlimited with showrooms from tile and flooring to warehouses filled with antiques. It also contains many restaurants that have been favorites of locals for years. As much of a quaint and quiet neighborhood as Berry Hill seems, an afternoon here would prove to show that there is much more happening below the surface.



THE YELLOW PORCH is always serving up the most delicious food with a Mediterranean flair.

VUI’S KITCHEN has a spacious patio area for when the weather is enjoyable and the Vietnamese food is incredible.

SUNFLOWER CAFE serving a variety of vegan and vegetarian plates for that extra health kick.

DISTRICT COFFEE has a heavenly oat milk latte along with an impressive selection of teas from New Zealand.

LITTLE GOURMAND now has a Berry Hill location and it is hard to resist their delectable fresh french pastries. Bonus Tip: Picking up an assortment of macrons for a quick gift is always a win.

PFUNKY GRIDDLE is a fun and interactive breakfast spot for the whole family.

STAY GOLDEN on Sidco Drive has restored The Oak Barrel Building and now dishes out breakfast, coffee, and craft cocktails.

HUGH BABY’S for one of the best cheeseburgers and even better milkshake.

CALYPSO CAFE is a long-time healthy food favorite of most Nashville Natives.


DESIGNERS GALLERY is the ultimate resource for designers and architects.

GASLAMP ANTIQUES fills an entire warehouse with rows and rows of antique treasures.

PATINA AND CO sources products globally and is a gold mine for shopping for the home.

THE IRON GATE an interior designer’s paradise.

HAUSTILE specializing in unique and handmade tiles.


THE CANDLE BAR is a creative way to spend an evening designing and pouring your own candles.

BLACK ABBEY BREWERY hosts tours and tasting daily of its specialty brew.

BIG MACHINE DISTILLERY also offers up tastings of its Vodka, as well as hosts many evenings filled with live music.