If there is one word to describe The Nashville Edit team, it is curious, and that especially applies to discovering new things in and around our city. Instead of the typical “office breaks” that others adhere to, we choose to refresh and take a breather while learning about something new and interesting in the community. We are big on experiences verses cubicles, in fact, we are ALL about being out and about! In our Field Trip series, you’ll get little recaps on the places around Nashville that our team has galavanted to, quite literally hopping into the back of Lauren’s car one-by-one, ready for our next field trip.

To celebrate the day that we (finally) met our deadline for print, our team decided to make our way downtown for a well-deserved afternoon of cocktails and snacks. Seeking the perfect rooftop patio that’s both intimate and central to downtown, we all breathed a sigh of relief once we landed on a decision: Ellington’s Mid Way Bar & Grill. It was such a breath of fresh air to pull up to the valet and waltz inside, taking the elevator up to the mid-century chic and comfortable rooftop.

We all gushed about the hard work that went into the magazine, while simultaneously sipping pretty gin drinks and drooling over the food. Kidding, we don’t drool. But if we did, it would be over Ellington’s raw oysters and delicious roasted cauliflower. It was such a lovely afternoon after a hectic couple of months, and yet Stacie was still at work snapping photos of the team she had carefully assembled to bring her vision to fruition (is she ever not working?). We toasted to Alaina for all her hard work designing each page thoughtfully, and to Lacey, Lauren and Kimberly for their endless work-ethic and the many hats they wear as mothers, hard workers, wives, and friends. And, of course, we used Ellington’s yummy cocktails to raise a glass to the founder, Stacie, for giving the five of us an outlet that we are passionate about.

It was a beautiful day in my book, one that I’m glad I got to share with these women in the heart of downtown Nashville – the city we are so passionate about. But, as we all know, finding a rooftop that doesn’t overlook the chaos of Broadway can be a struggle. As a team, we were thrilled to have chosen Ellington’s Mid Way Bar & Grill. Try it for yourself, and experience the class that Nashville has to offer.

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