When I first met Rose Marie Swift, it was for lunch just after her flight landed in Nashville. We cozied up at Etc. in Green Hills for some healthy fare while chatting about her upcoming plans while in town, followed by jaunting over to Private Edition for a series of demonstrations and events around her RMS beauty line that the store is now carrying. She finished her trip at the Thompson Hotel before heading back out to her home in Savannah. She’s used to moving fast, having just returned from Paris and London. During the month of May alone, she’s headed to Canada, Sweden, Norway, New York, Atlanta, and a few other US cities. Most people would look completely harried with such a schedule, but despite the travel demands and being in her 60’s, this fireball is not only completely alert and engaging, but positively glowing.

She attributes the energy levels and her skin to the lifestyle that she leads, which she altered many years ago to combat some serious physical and mental issues that were plaguing her. But, since seeking out natural remedies and following a diet based on lots of raw, plant-based foods and supplementing with specific ingredients, she’s in better health (and looks it) than most people half her age. Over a couple of hours of really fun girl talk, where we ranted about commercial industry practices and misinformation on the retail level, Rose Marie dished about her life, her beliefs and of course, the product line she’s so proud to lead.


On Star Power Behind Her Brand
Rose Marie applying makeup to Gisele Bündchen

Since she’s worked with just about every top model in the business and with loyal clients like Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr, a following from well-known faces has been part of the evolution of the brand. But there have been endorsements that are unexpected (the brand doesn’t pay ambassadors), such as when Kourtney Kardashian promoted her products on her new wellness website, Poosh (I got a lot of online haters on that one, she sighs). She also believes that Emma Watson has been a huge ambassador for the Green Beauty Space.


On Social Media

“I love it,” and admits that she might even be a little bit addicted to Instagram. It’s so interesting to see things unfolding in real time. I can keep up with so many people as well as what’s happening in the green and wellness arena from other perspectives. She follows all kinds of people and companies but says that the real joy comes from watching baby animal videos. “They just take me out of my head for a minute, bringing me back to my heart and provide an instant burst of pure joy.”


On Her Wellness Routine

Baby videos may bring a smile, but it’s the daily practices that keep her centered and ready for the next meeting or event. She meditates every morning without fail to keep from being too wired, saying others have accused her of literally vibrating with energy at times. She eats organically (no meat), mostly raw plants and has a regular intake schedule of green vegetable-based juices. She is also very in-tune with the universe, having been into Astrology since she was 15 (She tells me I am definitely not all Cancer as my astrological sign dictates, but with my own energy and opinions, definitely have some Gemini and Leo in the mix. Who knew?) She also doesn’t bottle things up, but instead always speaks her truth. “People say I have a big mouth for this reason, but if I believe in something, I am going to say it.”


Rose Marie Swift
About RMS Beauty

The products are consistently coveted not only by supermodels and actors, but also by many women who previously haven’t been into natural beauty lines. Not only does her decades-long experience as a makeup artist contribute to the flattering shades and ease of application, but she also focuses on the little things. The products themselves are completely free of the toxins (found in typical skincare and cosmetic lines) and carefully created for staying power and beauty benefits. The glass jars for various colors are lovely (definitely not the type of natural product packaging you see in the personal care section of the health food store) and the clean design is minimal but user-friendly. The jars even have their own story, as she had to jump through hoops and really challenge suppliers to make sure that the material claimed as recycled was actually, well, recycled (which is one big lie most of the time, she informs me). She won’t even use colored-etched glass because of the toxins and heavy metals, proving her commitment to Go Green is in every facet of the line and the business.


On the Future

She would like to see more players come to the Green Space and for consumers to be truly educated and aware of what they are buying. As for Swift personally, she just wants to keep doing what she’s doing and loving every moment. “People think we are a big brand because we’ve gotten so much press, but we really are a small company where I attend to many details myself.” She’s not focused on money at this stage in her life, stating “With no children or spouse, who would I leave it to, anyway?” What she truly loves is transformation, which makes her passionate about seeing what happens in the beauty and health industry as people become more informed about just how damaging applied toxins can be long term.

As we wrap up our healthy lunch so that she can scoot over to Private Edition to host fans of RMS, she gets a little bit of Nashville love when my friend Karen Fairchild (of Little Big Town) just happens to be sitting close by decides to pop on over and say hello. As soon as I introduce the two, Karen starts telling us all about how she’d been online looking at RMS’ probiotic and nutritional supplements. When something’s this good, it gets people talking and watching. And this is exactly why Rose Marie keeps up the frantic pace to spread the word (and the beauty) on all the ways Going Green can make the world (and our bodies) a better place.