It doesn’t surprise us that more of the Hollywood set is considering moving to our lovely town of Nashville. In fact, we welcome it. We all know Rob Lowe from his life spent in the spotlight, and he’s now traveling across the country for Stories I Only Tell My Friends: LIVE!, performing here May 18th at Tennessee Performing Art Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall. From his young days in major films like St. Elmo’s Fire to his long stint on The West Wing, Lowe has been a household name for decades. Curious about our potential new neighbor, we wanted to get to know Mr. Lowe before his live show this weekend.


The Nashville Edit: You’re originally from Virginia. What do love most about the South?

Rob Lowe: The hospitality. The sense of community. I love how friendly everyone is in the south.


TNE: You were raised in the Midwest before moving to California. Nashville has that mid-America feel with a Southern touch and now a pinch of the LA entertaining scene. Is Nashville a city you see yourself frequenting?

RL: I’ve been looking at Nashville real estate online. Look out! I may become your neighbor!


TNE: In your new series, Stories I Only Tell My Friends: Live!, you’re touching on Hollywood, fame, fatherhood, marriage, and a life lived at the forefront of culture for four decades. Sum up what you’ve learned from your life in one sentence.

RL: Work hard, keep your head down, laugh and love, and value every minute.


TNE: If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

RL: It’s not going to be what you hope it will be.  It will be better.


TNE: Do you have any places you plan to visit in Nashville while you’re here?

RL: I love wandering into music venues.


TNE: Any favorite locally based artists or groups you favor?

RL: Taylor,  of course!