Buying for others shouldn’t be difficult, but it sometimes seems to be a bit of a struggle. Especially for adults who are comfortable in a certain lifestyle. People buy what they want and have particular tastes and preferences that even close friends or spouses can’t always figure out. There is also the simple truth that most of us just seem to have too much ‘stuff’. Gifts intended to be enjoyed can just clutter up the space of those who’ve already feathered their nests (often more than once). The best option when seeking a truly special gift that will be appreciated, treasured and remembered is to make it one the receiver can experience. It can be as simple as a movie night for some, but for those impossible-to-buy-for on our lists, these are solid options that won’t disappoint.


For the (Procrastinating) City Culture Supporter

Most of us make a decision to go to a performance venue or exhibit based on marketing for a specific event or due to the involvement of someone within our personal circle of influence. We read about all types of cultural attractions and seek them out on vacation, but don’t attend what’s in our own city often enough, even though we would like to do so. Give that similar-minded person (or family) in your life a pass to make going a frequent activity. Right now, institutions such as The Nashville Zoo, Cheekwood, Country Music Hall of Fame, Frist Center for the Arts and others are all offering special pricing and gift presentations for annual pass packages. In the same thread, you could also gift someone with specific interests a treat to particular events through a number of local organizations. We like the idea of buying a group of tickets to the series of events hosted by The Nashville Wine Auction as well as the Nashville Symphony. Cleverly package them to reflect the experience—a vinyl album for music events, a nice bottle for wine auction activities or a wildlife coffee table book for zoo tours. This will be the one gift they actually use over and over throughout the year but having a keepsake token is a nice way to make it look special initially.


For the (Very Privileged) Seasoned Traveler

What the genius creatives at Rosewood Hotels and Resorts put together each year under their Limited Edition umbrella truly is above and beyond anything that most of us would hope to experience in this lifetime. Their destinations are always luxurious, and all of these packages provide the very best accommodations at the property. From a 3-day extravaganza in Montecito with celebrities, walking movie premiere red carpets (after personal glam services) and riding in a Rolls Royce to and from your VIP events to a behind the scenes with Steinway makers and putting your own marks on a piano during a Carlyle New York stay, each package includes rare and special excursions and perks that can’t be purchased otherwise. We also love the trip that starts in London and includes a jaunt to Italy and a personalized set of designer luggage. To have any of the travel gifts in this collection will ensure unforgettable exposure to the best things in the world. (From $50K)


For the Exercise Enthusiast (That We Secretly Envy)

Some people don’t need to make resolutions. They are on it 365 a year. The routine of staying fit is like a religion, and the worshiper is devout. That doesn’t mean that new things can’t be incorporated. Gifting your man a month of classes at the new Mayweather Gym in Brentwood would be well-received. Ditto for rounds of golf, tennis or personal training at Takes 2 Fitness. But for really stepping up a fitness gift that involves a female (or a couple) that you know well, arranging for one of the Tracy Anderson designed flooring systems installed is an over-the-top move. The joint-friendly Cardio Fly Super G Floor can fit into an 8*8 foot space (larger sizes available) and promises to help burn triple the calories than similar routines performed on basic surfaces due to the spring-like composition. You can have it installed for $2800 and throw in a Mirror that can be used for streaming hundreds of expert workouts. (around $42 per month subscription).


For the (Discriminating) Road Tripper

While Nashville is close to many destinations, few add up to the magic that is found at Blackberry Farm and Blackberry Mountain. Giving someone a weekend stay is an ultimate reward. The resorts put out annual calendars featuring a variety of experiences from food and wine to cycling and fox hunts. Their creative team curates itineraries meant to provide a personal and fitting escape. There are also regular musical performance dates by top artists where the stay includes mixing with beloved celebrity personalities. (A gift of 3 nights including meals and on-site experiences from $3400)


For the Wellness Seeker Who’s Also a (Really Busy) Foodie

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, the amazing girl boss founders of Sakara Life have launched a full-service food delivery program they call DETOX. Like their more flexible health-promoting signature and bridal packages, recipients will be treated to doorstep delivery of daily meals, healing teas, supplements and wellness treats. The plant-based culinary offerings are surprisingly delicious (and filling), beautifully packaged and filled with healthy, colorful options. Participants get to choose their own meal choices online each week and have the bonus of coaching staff on hand to assist with any questions or needed guidance. It’s actually pretty simple. The plans eliminate grocery shopping and clear up confusion about ingredients or portion sizes. Our fall cover model, Lily Aldridge is a fan and that’s enough for us. (Package pricing depends upon the length of time. For full meals and added Sakara products on the level II program, the cost is $450 for 5 days).