As you know, we at the Edit are a curious bunch–especially when it comes to discovering new things in and around our city. Instead of the typical “office breaks” that others adhere to, we choose to refresh and take a breather while learning about something new and interesting in the community. We are big on experiences verses cubicles, in fact, we are ALL about being out and about! In our Field Trip series, you’ll get little recaps on the places around Nashville that our team has galavanted to, quite literally hopping into the back of Lauren’s car one-by-one, ready for our next field trip.

Last Wednesday evening, our team was welcomed by the lovely staff at Sinema for some cocktails and small bites for a mid-week wind-down. While the majority of our team had been to Sinema quite a bit prior to this field trip, Alaina and I were the newcomers. Being a history buff, I was pretty impressed to learn that the restaurant used to be the Melrose Theater, which originally opened in 1942. With its history of “delighting movie-goers and creating long-lasting memories,” Sinema aims to keep that tradition alive, and that intention is evident with their architectural design, food options and cocktail menu.

With an eye for detail and being surrounded by Sinema’s great lighting (even their ladies’ restroom is apparently a trendy “photo op” spot), Alaina was thrilled to whip out her camera and begin taking photos of this unique space (and pretty cocktails).




It was such a joy for us to relax after an already-hectic work week in some comfortable lounge chairs with some yummy bites and colorful drinks. Our server brought us out their seasonal menu, featuring their new summer menu called “Small Bite Wednesday.” We ordered several of their small bites to share amongst the six of us, and we left feeling like we had each just ordered entrees for dinner. Probably the most intriguing option on their main menu is the Fried Burrata, with tomato bacon jam, grilled focaccia and pickled red onion. While we normally aren’t big on fried food, we are big on burrata cheese with a side of wine, so we indulged happily in this menu item.


Fried Burrata


As for the Small Bites, my favorite was the Crab Cake, while gluten-free Kimberly loved the Snapper Ceviche and Tomato Crudo. While we chatted about our days and upcoming projects, we were kindly served item after item, sipping from a range of cocktails and rosé. With all the thunderstorms passing through Nashville lately, Sinema offered us a nice refuge from the storms, where the ambiance of the restaurant offers almost a mini-vacation from the pelting of rain and never-ending traffic. In fact, Sinema might have the perfect ambiance for just about any night of the week, Wednesdays and, well, any other day for that matter.

See for yourself, but be sure to take my advice: Sit in the lounge chairs and order an Old Fashioned. You’ll feel like you’re in the 1950s.