Ah, the annual dilemma of sweating the second you walk outside and then freezing within minutes of walking indoors. At least, that’s how it is in our office. The hilarity of each of us coming into work with seasonable dresses and skirts, only to cool off so fast that we run out and grab our sweatshirts from the car is pretty much an everyday occurrence. While Alaina decided it’s just best to dress warm (despite the major heatwave we’ve been in), Stacie suggested we start hanging sweaters in our editorial cabinets. As you can see, we’ve all adapted — I just continue to type from my desk with a scarf wrapped around my shoulders and wait for the cooler months ahead to give us a rest from the confusion of 90-degree weather.

Since I’m sure we aren’t the only ones, we’ve decided to share with you all how we choose to stay cool (and, oddly, warm), during these summer months.


Gus Mayer
Lauren | Wear Light Layers

“I am attempting to beat the heat this summer by dressing light and airy. I am often running around outside from appointment to appointment, or dropping off and picking up kids, so I need to dress for the heat but also need layers for inside meetings and lunch venues that tend to be chilly. I am really loving this leopard, midi-length Cami dress from Gus Mayer ($235) because I can wear flats or heels with it and layer it with the leather jacket by Soia & Kyo that has a removable peplum. The jacket is currently 40% off of $575 at Gus Mayer.”



Ellen | Embrace the Glow

“I’ve come to accept that sweating during a southern summer is pretty much a way of life. I’m from Illinois, where the humidity is no match for Tennessee. Since I don’t wear a ton of makeup (nor do I own powder foundation), I’ve found ways to make the most of this constant moisture that is in the air around here and ‘go for the glow’. With a little bit of Lancome’s UV Expert Mineral CC Cream, I have a constant glow to my skin, giving the illusion that I meant to look dewy. For an added glow–typically for an evening out–I use a brush to lightly brush on my favorite bronzer, Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess bronzer. Both are conveniently found at the Dillard’s in Green Hills.”


Photo Provided by Dream Hotel
Lacey | Trade in the Bourbon

“While in the winter I’m usually all about bourbon, I replace my regular cocktail with something more light and refreshing in the summer. ‘Another Tequila Sunrise’ at the Parlour Bar in the Dream Nashville is my current go-to.  An Anejo tequila is mixed with fresh lime juice, Cassis Noir De Bourgogne, topped with club soda. It’s my favorite way to cool off this summer!”

Stacie | Spritz, Spray & Stay Cool

“There’s nothing better on a super hot day than a plunge in the pool or a quick spray from the garden hose when working outside. But, when dressed for work or simply running around town, getting soaked really isn’t an option. Throughout the year, I keep hydrating sprays in my bag, car and on my dressing table. But when things heat up, the bottles all go into the fridge to double as a refresher, as well as a hydrator for sun-zapped skin. While I keep mini plastic bottles often of just rose water or distilled water with a few drops of lavender and mint essential oils on hand all the time, I also like to step it up by incorporating some serious skincare into my stay-cool hack. Carrying a chilled bottle of Caudalie’s Beauty Elixr Spray or the Magic Moisture Mist from Omorovicza is my number-one trick for keeping a handle on the heat—with the bonus of a slight scent and moisture-sealing ingredients. I even use it on my chest, arms and underneath my hair on the back of my neck – which always needs a little cooling off.”

Photo by Alison Marras

Alaina | Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

“Along with making my coffee order iced each morning, I try to think of simple ways to cool off throughout these hot summer days — whether I’m at home or at the office. When I’m working from home and need to cool off, I’ll often grab a popsicle from my freezer (Whole Foods carries delicious options with a low-calorie count), and get back to work without having to turn up the AC. If I’m in the mood to get out of the house, I’ll make a pitstop at Las Paletas in 12 South for a gourmet popsicle, or head to one of my other favorite places around town for a frozen treat.”

Kimberly | Anticipate the Blaring AC

“If you are like me, you appreciate– and definitely expect–AC on a hot day. However, I have found myself shivering on more than one occasion lately, whether it be in the office, at a restaurant or on a flight to FL. I usually take a denim jacket with me everywhere as my ‘just in case’. So, needless to say, I’ve been on the lookout for a more fashionable alternative – and Emmaline has it. The Rowen is a long sleeve, linen jacket with a button-down front. It’s lightweight, which makes it perfect to go from the outside heat to the indoor AC.  If you’ve been looking for a chic summer jacket that won’t make you overheat, definitely check this one out!”