Let’s face it, sometimes we all just need to blow off a little steam, rid ourselves of the stress of our everyday lives and take a moment to focus on our own physical and mental well-being. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, exercise improves our mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods while increasing our self-esteem and cognitive function. With benefits like that, exercise seems to be the perfect outlet to keep ourselves in tip-top shape, both mentally and physically.

A lot of us are turning more and more to fitness to keep ourselves balanced and ready to conquer our busy lives. Thankfully, the health and wellness scene of Nashville is growing by the minute, and boutique fitness studios are certainly in no short supply. With a variety of fitness gyms popping up, it can be difficult to pick one that caters to your goals, needs and ideal aesthetic. Here are some of my recommendations for the best places to sweat in Nashville without sacrificing style.


Instagram | NuPower Yoga + Barre


12S / WEDGEWOOD | NuPower Yoga + Barre

Located conveniently on 8th Avenue, NuPower Yoga + Barre is bringing sexy back to the yoga and barre scene with its sleek studio design. With its minimalistic space and incorporation of the latest toning equipment, this studio is definitely the place to help you reconnect your mind and body for the ultimate wellness session. With classes ranging from barre, sculpt, power, flow and circuit, NuPower is definitely a one-stop-shop for both your cardio and toning needs. Want to deepen your practice further with nutrition support? NuPower offers custom nutrition plans designed to match what is right for you as an individual.


THE NATIONS | Studio 51st

As one of Nashville’s newest fitness boutiques located in The Nations, Studio 51st offers a variety of the latest workouts to keep us lean, toned and full of endorphins. From spinning, bounce, dance fitness to yoga, Studio 51st offers both drop-in and unlimited monthly membership options to keep you staying active. And it doesn’t just stop there, they even have a boutique shop offering the latest in workout gear to keep you stylish from the studio to the street. If you live in West Nashville, definitely check this place out!

Interested in working out privately? They also offer private classes with customization options available.

GREEN HILLS | SculptHouse
Instagram |SculptHouse

If being a part of the trendiest method without sacrificing results is what motivates you, then SculptHouse is your answer. With locations already in Atlanta and Dallas, SculptHouse now welcomes Nashville as its newest home. Located in the Vertis building, this studio offers a variety of the lowest impact but highest intensity sculpting machines that rely purely on your own body weight. With its smaller class capacity, you will receive individual attention from expert trainers in a stylish modern studio. Only have an hour to dedicate to your health and wellness each day? SculptHouse classes are all 50 minutes – giving you plenty of time to tackle the rest of your agenda without feeling the pressure to fit in a long workout. Weekly workout schedules are also provided, eliminating your need to have to choose which classes to take. If Pilates is your method of choice, then this is the perfect place to take it up a notch and keep you feeling long and lean.

FRANKLIN | {R}elevé One Fitness

For the dancers in all of us, this studio combines the foundations of dance with yoga, barre, and cardio to offer a unique set of class options ensuring that you’ll break a sweat within minutes. With its focus on creating a safe place for females to thrive and empower themselves, {R}elevé One is also home to a non-profit community dedicated to providing workshops, retreats, community events and offsite classes for both emotional and physical renewal to our local female community. You can also choose to donate or contribute a tax-deductible gift by making a pledge. Being able to break a sweat, while supporting women? Sounds like the perfect combination to us.

Instagram | The Pilates Garage


HILLSBORO VILLAGE | The Pilates Garage

Sometimes breaking a sweat for maximum results means going back to the classics within a true boutique environment. The Pilates Garage takes the beloved Reformer Pilates approach and perfects it with a focus on high-energy classes promising to give you lines leaving you feeling runway ready. With only six people per class allowed, you will never feel overwhelmed by too many people or miss out on expertise instruction. Interested in private coaching? The Pilates Garage also offers one on one-class packs so that you can get the highest level of attention you desire. Their garage door front is a fantastic touch, providing fresh air and the feeling of working out outdoors within this private studio space.