Creativity runs through the veins of Music City in so many forms. While Nashville is known for its songwriters and artists, the creative energy in the town doesn’t just start and end with the music industry anymore. A simple way to bring that creative energy into your home is through the practice of feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form that is still practiced today to bring about greater health, wealth, and happiness. The practice of feng shui organizes an environment in a way that enhances the flow of life force, or chi. By using feng shui to decorate your home, you allow chi to flow optimally throughout your space to unite the mind, body, and spirit.

Financial abundance, greater health, and more love are just a few of the things you can attract into your life through feng shui.


Financial Abundance
  • What many people don’t realize about feng shui is that the art form can actually bring about more wealth and abundance. It is important to make the entrance to your home beautiful and inviting. Your number should be clearly visible on your mailbox and home so that abundance can easily find you. This is the perfect excuse to head to Gardens of Babylon for new planters, flowers, and gorgeous outdoor décor.
  • Fix any leaks in your home, as they represent financial leaks. Similar to leaks, an open toilet lid represents flushing things away. Keep the lid closed to keep your finances protected and to avoid flushing them away.
  • The water element represents abundance, so be sure to incorporate photographs or paintings of flowing water and moving boats.
  • In addition to how you style your home, feng shui also includes a meditative practice. Somewhere visible, write “Abundance comes easily to me through many different channels.” Repeat this mantra daily to bring about more prosperity.


Greater Health
  • When it comes to your health, feng shui emphasizes the importance of sleep. Choose a wooden bed frame because metal frames attract electromagnetic waves from technology. Don’t allow technology, work, papers, or any other distractions into your bedroom.
  • Decorate your home with calming, yin colors like beige. Avoid using bright or harsh tones. Restoration Hardware in Green Hills is the perfect place to stock up on feng-shui-approved neutral furniture and décor. For more eclectic pieces, visit OAK off Charlotte Avenue. Their soft decorative pillows are the perfect addition to your bedroom and living room.
  • Purify the air in your home by incorporating lots of houseplants. Flora in East Nashville, All Seasons in the Gulch, Gardens of Babylon in Germantown, and Hewitt Garden and Design Center in Franklin all offer a wide variety of houseplants. As beautiful as they are, avoid too many succulents or cacti and stick to softer plants. Sharp and prickly plants bring about negative energy into the home.
  • The earth element is associated with greater health, so terrariums, stones, photographs or paintings of wooded scenes will all boost overall wellness. Choose furniture made of wood rather than metal pieces. Another way to maximize the earth element in your home is to prioritize natural lighting. Open the blinds and dim the lights.
  • For optimal health, write and repeat the mantra, “My body heals itself and knows what is best for itself. The food I eat nourishes and fuels me. I am healthy and able to accomplish what I need to.”


More Love
  • Keep your houseplants and flowers looking lively, and always throw away dead flowers.
  • Create a romantic ambiance in the bedroom with candles— head to The Candle Bar to create your own candles for your home. For an easier solution pick up some Paddywax candles the next time you grab groceries from Whole Foods.
  • Keep your bed sheets clean, fresh, and crisp. Make sure your bedside tables are symmetrical and both have a lamp. Put a rose on each bedside table to call more love into your life. Manifest love by clearing out a few drawers to make space for a partner and by sleeping on one side of the bed.
  • Your mantra for love and marriage is “I have a healthy relationship full of love, forgiveness, and loyalty.” Even if you are not in a relationship, repeating this mantra will help you manifest the love you desire.


The Elements of Feng Shui

Feng shui has five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Every material used in home décor can be tied back to one of these elements, and each element has a specific purpose.



The wood element represents health, wealth, and prosperity. Green shades, plants, flowers, and wood furniture all bring about greater health, wealth, and prosperity.


Fire stands for fame and reputation. If you want to add more of the fire element into your home, add natural candles, photos of people and animals, and triangular shapes. If you have a fireplace at home and you want more fame and reputation, then start using it more!


The earth element is tied to health, center, self-cultivation, love, and marriage. Boost the earth element in your home by incorporating square furniture, terra-cotta planters, and dim the lights.


Metal represents children, creativity, helpful people, and travel. For the metal element, add a metallic bowl to the center of your coffee table or dining table. Use metallic frames for your photos.


The water element is related to one’s career. To boost your career, decorate with paintings of water scenes, soothing crystals, and even a small water fountain. Playing music also boosts the water element, so display your gong, guitar, sound bowl, or piano. Play music on your record player more often.


When you’re ready to de-clutter your home and decorate in a feng shui style, be sure to pick up a sage stick and clear the energy of your home before and after going about this process.