In the wave of comfort being a key player in a woman’s everyday style comes the newest take on loungewear: ‘leisurée’. This trend is riding the coattails of athleisure’s success, and it doesn’t appear anyone is disappointed. If you’re not quite sure on what exactly leisurée entails, don’t fret; we’re here to take this journey with you.

The key elements to leisurée are as follows: comfort, athletic materials, and the lingerie designs we know and love. The premise entails doing away with the rigid, heavily padded and wire-filled designs that do anything but provide comfort, and only keep around the pieces actually worth wearing. After all, a comfortable woman is a confident woman, and what’s sexier than that?

Major players in the lingerie market have now introduced comfortable silhouettes that provide support and are as comfortable as your favorite sports bra, but look as pretty as an investment piece of lingerie. Some of the pioneers of this movement are the brands Lively and True & Co, while big names Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret have definitely hopped on board. These large companies showing their support has made room for small brands to showcase their take, and Nashville designers Sophie Simmons and Darlin’ Lingerie have made their mark as well.

The best part about the leisurée movement is that it’s meant to leave the bedroom. Women are supposed to feel this comfort and confidence outside of their homes, and with a few effortless styling tips, it’s easy to do so. The idea isn’t that the lingerie has to even be seen, but that you feel comfortable, sexy and confident, rather than restrained and itchy.

Here are a few tips on how to rock the leisurée look for any occasion! Who ever said comfort wasn’t sexy?

Running Errands 

Joah Brown from Two Old Hippies

For a casual run to Trader Joe’s, opt for a Joah Brown tee from Two Old Hippies, a Sophie Simmons bralette, and your favorite pair of high-rise yoga crops from Crue in 12South with some Golden Goose sneakers via H. Audrey.

Cozy Coffee Shop


For a cozy coffee shop date, pair a piece from Darlin’ Lingerie with a chunky knit sweater from Haven, your best pair of boyfriend jeans and some Dolce Vita slip-ons from our Green Hills Dillard’s. Too hot for a sweater? Rock the denim and Dolce’s with a casual, Meghan-Markle inspired white oxford shirt—it’s okay to steal one from your husband. In fact, it might actually complete the look!

And, of course, Date Night

Libby Callaway in Sophie Simmons

Lastly, for a date night at Rolf and Daughters, opt for the Sophie Simmons Floral Bodysuit in ‘Noir’ with your favorite pair of denim, or under a classic midi slip dress and a pair of strappy heeled sandals for a night of homemade pasta and comfort. Bodysuits are ideal for skirts, pants and dresses (not to mention comfortable and sexy!).

Gone are the days of dealing with bras that don’t fit quite right and seemingly permanent evidence of underwire. Go through your days with ease and go for something a bit more practical, without losing the feminine touch of lingerie.

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