Gone are the days where we detox simply by applying a facial and taking a bath. Don’t get us wrong, we still love this kind of self-care, especially when paired with a glass of wine, but with so many local wellness studios and holistic businesses in our own neighborhoods, it’s time to take detoxification to the next level. Each option here offers a holistic approach to giving yourself some clarity and rejuvenation.

There really is no better way to welcome a new season than with a refreshed mind and body. Consider these unique ways to reset and welcome a new mindset.



The Sweat House

Indulge in a luxurious detoxification experience in an infrared sauna pod. The Sweat House in Green Hills provides a relaxing space for clients to sweat in their own private suites. The benefits of sweating in an infrared sauna include reducing stress, speeding up workout recovery, improving circulation, and skin rejuvenation. (um, yes please). The infrared sauna also helps with detoxification by helping with the treatment of chronic diseases, healing wounds, weight loss, pain relief, and lowering blood pressure. It takes about 4-8 sessions to begin reaping the benefits of detoxification, so after your first few times trying the infrared sauna, keep booking your sweat time!


Yoga Harmony

Practicing yoga is a way to detox, destress, and boost endorphins all in one. Yoga Harmony uses infrared heat to provide even more detoxification throughout the class, while also reducing cellulite and joint stiffness. Yoga Harmony’s cork floor provides a non-slip surface that happens to be antibacterial too.




Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy

Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy (NCAT) is your one-stop spa for all things detoxification. Rather than a single massage or float session, the first visit to NCAT includes a discussion of your physical history, psychological and emotional patterns, enneagram of your personality type, and a talk on holistic health. After this session, you will receive a unique, customized alternative therapy treatment plan. NCAT offers a variety of services, including massage, acupuncture, mei zen cosmetic acupuncture, reiki, intuitive enneagram coaching, family coaching, emotional freedom technique, tapping, a spiritual medium, and yoga.

Photo provided by Salt & Soles


Salt and Soles

Treat your feet at Salt and Soles for reflexology, and reap the benefits of salt therapy for your entire body and mind. Salt therapy sessions take place in a beautiful salt cave that can relieve allergies, heal respiratory issues, heal a variety of skin conditions, improve quality of sleep, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation. The salt cave is the ultimate zen environment with meditation music and zero gravity chairs. Edit contributor Kacie Gaston tried this one out herself with her son!


Pure Sweat + Float Studio

Head to Pure Sweat + Float Studio for two of the best ways to detox—infrared sauna and floating. Pure Sweat + Float Studio features Triple Wavelength Infrared Sauna Therapy by Sunlighten, which offers a full spectrum of infrared wavelengths to heal the body at the cellular level. Not only will you enjoy a great sweat, but you’ll benefit from detoxing at an advanced level. The best part? During your 45-minute session, you can enjoy chromotherapy, music, Netflix, or meditation with the Calm app. In addition to the sauna, the studio also features private float pods for a gravity-free experience with 1,000 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt.


The Lotus Room

There are so many new technologies that make detoxification more accessible and precise, but going back to ancient traditions can be just as effective. The Lotus Room in Hillsboro Village takes an Ayurvedic approach to detoxifying and healing the body. The Lotus Room provides therapeutic massage, sweat therapy, Indian head massage, Ayurvedic massage, herbal hot compress massage, Kati Basti for lower back pain, and Shirodhara for insomnia, hypertension, and nervous system damage. All products used in the beautiful studio space are made of the highest quality and certified organic.


Modern Acupuncture

If you find yourself saying you’re “too busy” for self-care and detoxification, you’ll love Modern Acupuncture for its convenience. Reap all of the benefits of acupuncture in a quick 30-minute session geared toward cosmetic benefits, stress reduction, or pain relief. Cosmetic acupuncture can reduce fine lines, enhance skin hydration, soften deeper wrinkles, lift and tone muscles, and even out skin tone and texture.

Photo by Alaina Mullin

Lemon Laine

In addition to finding a boutique full of organic, high-quality beauty products, Lemon Laine in East Nashville has a full organic facial oil bar. During the initial consultation, skin experts will get to know your skin goals and your current beauty routine. These specialists will formulate a facial oil just for you, using in-house jojoba oil infusions and a customized mix of carrier and essential oils. At Lemon Laine, there are more than 12 million possible combinations to ensure that you get exactly the skincare you need. While sitting at the oil bar, enjoy a complimentary beverage to make the experience even more luxurious.


Whole Body & Whole Foods

A long term solution for detoxification is to detox your beauty cabinet. Invest in your skin, nails, and hair by choosing clean, organic products. Not only is Whole Body chock-full of natural beauty products and makeup, but you can also find organic protein powders, vitamins, and other high-end supplements. Not to mention you can always stock up on gorgeous, all-natural candles!

Mokara Spa

Mokara Salon and Spa

When treating yourself to detoxification, why not make a day out of it? If you’re looking for the ultimate day retreat, look no further than Omni’s Mokara Salon and Spa in downtown Nashville. Whether you visit for a deep tissue massage, Eastern massage, their Detox and Revive treatment, immune support, or a relaxing facial, schedule an appointment and choose from a variety of state-of-the-art relaxation rooms and stay late to rest in the sauna.


Rhapsody Spa

Rhapsody Spa at the Westin offers so many amazing and advanced services. From their Detoxifying Body Experience go their relaxation-inducing Vital Body CBD Massages, there is something there for everyone. Need a minute? Go online to book an appointment and schedule some much-needed you time.