It’s finally getting to be that time of year when we can utilize those amazing jeans we’ve got folded up somewhere in our closets. I for one and ready to hang up the bikini and get cozy in my favorite jeans and sweaters. Here’s the skinny: Denim is year-round. It’s our favorite fabric. Our favorite trend. Our go-to staple in the closet from the time we were teens to the present. But, it’s also the must-have staple for fall and winter, as it can be dressed up, dressed down, and can incorporate almost every trend we see in the magazines. We can rock an oversized denim trucker jacket, or our favorite pair of jeans and a hoodie. It’s a trendy denim jumpsuit, or your most trusted skinny jeans just because. Because they feel good, and because they make you feel pretty. 

Denim will always be a staple. The trend will never fade. Ok, maybe in color if you hold onto your favorite pair for a decade (I’ve done this with several because I buy high-quality denim that I can hold onto forever). But truth be told, denim is an essential staple in everyone’s closet. Have a little fun this season and get out of your comfort zone with a different cut or a fun color. You might surprise yourself. Also, no one ever drank red wine comfortably by the fire in trousers. Just sayin’.


The Bootcut is Back
Photo by Sydney Clawson

Actually, it has kind of always hung around. But with denim trends coming and going, we’ve missed this guy and we’re glad to see him back. Pair them with a sexy leopard camisole, booties and a leather jacket or an on-trend blazer from Emerson Grace, or keep it casual this sweater weather season with a cable knit grey sweater and frame jeans (which are the most comfortable!) from Emmaline. Or, why not go for a jumpsuit and skinny heeled booties and be the star of the show? Either way, the bootcut is back and it is here to stay.


Levi’s Have Longevity

It’s not a secret that Levi’s has reinvented themselves year after year on all fronts, but they just keep getting better and better. The Levi’s Premium Oversized Reversible Faux Fur Trucker Jacket is a top coveted item this season. It’s everything we love about denim while also remaining completely classic. Pair it with a long sleeve white cotton tee, some RE-done  or Agolde jeans and your favorite Golden Goose sneakers and you’re golden. Get yours at H.Audrey before they run out of your size. These will go fast. Want to know another secret? Levi’s jeans are an all-time fave of our fall print magazine’s cover girl, Lily Aldridge. 

White is Always Right

Winter whites are always on point despite what anyone says about “no white after Labor Day.” That’s just false, you heard it here. Personally, I’m all about white boyfriend jeans, a white cashmere sweater and white booties. It’s my favorite monochromatic look for winter, hands down. Drop by the new Dillard’s in Green Hills to scope out your fit, or wander over to Imogene and Willie and go subtle with the Catherine Natural jean. With a soft neutral cream color and a super comfortable fit, these custom jeans are always a good buy year-round. 


Denim + Plaid Forever

We Nashvillians can never get enough plaid. Never. Pair your favorite plaid with your most flattering jeans and you’ve got your basic uni for the cold season. This look is always comfortable, pairs well with booties and is casual enough to keep you cool while running errands, and chic enough for your favorite happy hour. I spotted a new red plaid shirt at Emerson Grace this week that’s a must-have, or a Frank and Eileen plaid from White’s Mercantile before they are all gone!