While most of us are still just catching our breath after a whirlwind CMA week here in Nashville, the show’s popular host went on to her next gig without missing a beat. Carrie Underwood not only walked the red carpet for the American Music Awards but blew up the internet by showcasing her incredibly toned right leg from the high slit on her long sequined gown.

After posing for the media and garnering much attention for her physique, she went on to break records inside by taking home her 6th award for Favorite Country Album. In fact, with this award for Cry Pretty, she became the first country artist (ever) to win consecutive best album awards for all of her studio releases. She also captured her 7th win for Female Country Artist, bringing her to a total of 15 AMA wins which puts her in the top 10 category of all artists wins across all categories and music genres. Since the show is centered around a fan-based voting format, it’s quite clear that Carrie is still beloved by global audiences with a reach that stemmed from American Idol and hasn’t slowed yet.

While we are ‘blown away’ by her musical prowess, we are even more intrigued by her stamina. Not only is she a high-profile celebrity taking on a slew of on-stage performances this season but her time away from work involves taking care of a toddler and infant. Her two sons keep her on her toes at home and on tour, but she still manages to stay true to herself by maintaining a body that makes everyone in the industry (and all of us) incredibly envious. She keeps up with her trainer, Erin Oprea by doing intense workouts several times a week that include seriously tackling her lower body as well as overall conditioning. She’s always followed a vegetarian diet, but since the birth of her son has gotten stricter with her diet, sharing the ups, downs and all-around details with her social media followers. She keeps a food journal on and off the road.

As we head into a few weeks of total food temptation with lots of excuses on why we need to skip our workouts during the holidays, all we need is one glimpse of what Music Row’s supermom accomplishes in a day to remind us that maybe we could do a bit more. Well, a lot more to keep up with this AMA winner. #goals