Tucked away in the up-and-coming Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood is Earnest Bar & Hideaway, formerly known as Hemingway’s. This novelist-inspired joint nods at Earnest Hemingway in several ways, without a hint of tackiness. Rather than listing countless cocktail ingredients, instead is replaced with a Hemingway quote that inspired the libation. Don’t worry about the details, but go off on a limb and give a drink that speaks to you a try. After all, “wine is one of the most civilized things in the world.” – Ernest Hemingway, from Death in the Afternoon. Read on to see exactly what the team snacked on.

  • Lobster Beignets
  • Cauliflower Salad – Celery seed vinaigrette, golden raisins, roasted almonds.
  • Bruleed Farm and Fiddle Butternut Squash – spiced pecans, candied ginger, cardamom labneh
  • Pork Chop – grilled radicchio and apple slaw, smoked date puree
  • Seared Scallops – Spice rubbed, sweet potato puree, warm frisée salad.
  • Blackberry Lime Sorbet – made in house and the flavor changes daily


  • Fall in the Colonies – Gin; a delicate balance between sweet and spice. Ushering in the season to come. At least the Brit gave us gin, I don’t know what else to be thankful for.
  • Steve McQueen – Buffalo Trace Bourbon; a spice-rich, booze-heavy antihero of your father’s Manhattan. This is Earnest Bar & Hideaway’s most popular drink.



Photos by Alaina Mullin