The ideal holiday shopping scenario looks like this: You manage to secure gifts for every person on your list at one store and the (hopefully) cheery sales associate wraps every single last present for you right then and there. Well, until this wonderland of a store exists, you’ll have to settle for shopping at several different stores that hopefully gift wrap. Of course, not every store you’ll shop at this season will offer gift wrapping, but luckily there are services in Nashville that can help with the remaining gift-wrapping portion of your holiday-prep process. Victoria Beckham and Queen Elizabeth get their gifts wrapped by the acclaimed Jane Means, so why shouldn’t you have the opportunity to do the same here in Nashville? From stores to holiday helpers, The Edit has rounded up a plethora of ways to avoid wrapping presents this holiday season (some even gift-wrap year-round), and we’ve highlighted them in detail below. 



There are plenty of stores in Nashville that “gift wrap”, but some surpass the rest when it comes to quality, detail, and execution. 


  • Gus Mayer: Gus Mayer wraps gifts every day they’re open for business, and offer several different luxe wrapping papers and ribbons, with some specific to the holiday season as well.


  • Nashville Trunk and Bag: Year-round, Nashville Trunk and Bag offers to wrap each and every item purchased in a variety of high-quality papers, ribbons, and bows, suitable for any loved-one.


  • Hero 12 South: Claudia Fowler’s Hero 12 South boutique offers complimentary gift wrapping with any purchase, and it only makes sense that the wrapping is equally as chic as the gift is going to be. At this location, the wrapping can be either white crocodile or gold leopard, with your choice of red velvet, ivory, black or logo ribbon to top it off.


  • Sercy + Co: Sercy + Co is known for its perfect-for-anyone gifts and made in Nashville items packaged beautifully in their classic year-round gift box: a signature white box black ribbon with crinkled tissue paper.


  • H. Audrey: H. Audrey wraps gifts year-round in their signature black and white paper, and around the holidays they offer a variety of bow colors to accent whatever color palette you choose.


  • The Registry Franklin: If you’re shopping for fine tableware and other elegant household gifts, look no further than the Registry. They offer to wrap gifts in their trademark silver boxes adorned with Registry red and green bows. 


  • Emerson Grace: When it comes to gifts from Emerson Grace, they utilize their signature box topped made fashionable with chi black tulle ribbon and bow to tie it all together. 


  • Williams Sonoma: This household name wraps purchases in white or red wrapping paper with your choice of color William Sonoma ribbon to let the recipient get excited before they’ve even begun to open the gift.


  • The Kitchen Nashville: The Kitchen in Belle Meade offers to wrap in a heavyweight glossy paper with your choice of red, silver or white ribbon to accentuate your loved one’s favorite new kitchenware item. 


  • Billy Reid: Year-round, Billy Reid presents their gifts in a perfectly rustic, yet incredibly chic kraft paper and heirloom ribbon ensemble that looks particularly superb under a tree in the holiday season. 


  • Arcade Nashville: This upscale children’s store is the perfect place for anything from toys to the most stylish kid’s clothing you’ve ever seen. The good news? They, too, gift wrap! 


  • The Perfect Pair: Snag a pair of shoes (or any of their accessories and clothing options) for someone on your list and get it all wrapped in chic, matte black paper and ribbon to match!



If you’ve already completed your shopping, or your purchases didn’t have a gift-wrap option, don’t worry. There are a couple of top-notch service providers in Nashville that offer gift wrapping for even up to 200 gifts. 


  • Red Fox WrappingRed Fox offers the ideal gift-wrapping situation. You simply have to count your gifts, they do the wrapping with high-quality materials, and your gifts get safely returned (complete with inventory and who the gift is for). They also offer gift pick-up services and on-site wrapping as long as there’s a suitable space. Whether you have 10 gifts or 200 gifts, Red Fox is a perfect gift-wrapping option. 


  • Keatyn Klaus: You may recognize Keatyn’s name from our luxury services article, but given her business name, we needed to bring her up again. Keatyn offers an array of holiday-related services, including gift-wrapping. Whether you need her for all things holiday or some simple gift-wrapping, this joyful woman can do it all.