For most people, at least one New Year’s resolution tends to be fitness-centric, which can be less than inspiring when the time comes to get to work. As it does for most things, fashion helps inspire me to walk in the door of that boutique fitness studio and burn those calories. Here is a round-up of some of the best pieces to add to your wardrobe to make sure you stick with those resolutions you made…. and to help you look damn good doing it!


We all know the pants designed for these classes tend to be worn by yogis and non-yogis alike, but not all yoga pants rate the same. In my humble, occasional-hot-yoga-goer opinion, Lululemon’s yoga pant game is unparalleled. It makes sense, with their patented fabrics and innovative, yet stylish designs. I’d recommend any high-rise, style pant- as it’s a flattering design for any body type. This is especially true when paired with a flowy, breathable tank. Top picks are the  Align Crop Cross Waist pants and the All Tied Up Tank. If you don’t have a mat and a yoga towel yet, you can also snag these essentials at Lulu while you’re in Green Hills or Cool Springs finding your ideal fit.



We all know you can’t box like Floyd Mayweather overnight, but with the right outfit, you may just have the confidence to take one of the classes in his Brentwood facility. In this type of class, you’ll sweat— a lot, so it’s key to wear breathable, easy-to-move-in clothing. Pop into Crue in 12 South to grab all your boxing attire needs, as well as some cozy post-boxing gear. When it comes to footwear, skip the running shoes. They don’t offer enough lateral support and aren’t easy to pivot in. When you’re sure you like this type of workout, invest in boxing shoes, but in the meantime, I’d suggest some cross-trainers that have a smoother sole like these by NOBULL. You’ll also need to wrap your hands as well as a pair of boxing gloves. Some studios offer glove rentals, but you’ll want to confirm ahead of time.



If you’re more into coming up with your own regime to execute at home or in your local gym or have a personal training session on the books, you’ve got a plethora of options when it comes to attire. Depending on what’s on your workout agenda, you can have layers upon layers to take off and put back on as needed. Nordstrom seems to be the Green Hills one-stop-shop nowadays, and they sell all things Zella, which is perfect for layering. You can snag the Zella Live In High Waist Leggings, Body Fusion Sports Bra, Ava Quick Dry Tee, and throw on the Cassie Faux Fur Hoodie on top for the perfect, cozy, January work out sesh. Just add these items to your cart online, and you can pick them up curbside for ultimate ease.



The proper attire for Pilates is similar to dressing for yoga, but more pants than shorts, fitted tops, and don’t forget your socks! Whether you’re joining a mat or a reformer class, you can hit up Outdoor Voices in 12 South for all your Pilates needs. Snap up some of their ⅞ Leggings and throw on their TechSweat Tank with a pair of Rec Ankle Socks and you’ll be set for an hour of hard but rewarding bodywork.



Running is a seemingly simple addition to a list of resolutions that can be a bit harder to find the inspiration to execute. If you live in a neighborhood that’s safe, you’re certainly at an advantage. Since I live off of Hillsboro Pike, you won’t catch me running alongside cars driving 50+ miles per hour. In order to run, I need to drive to a park or the Belmont area, which requires a bit more motivation than simply running out my front door. That being said, with the right clothing, I can definitely find the motivation to get there. For the winter indoor runners like myself, I’d be caught running in Lululemon’s staple Speed Up Shorts and a Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew. If you’re one of the few bold enough to run outside in our southern tundra conditions, I’d opt for the following: Lulu’s Speed Up Tight, the Always Alert ½ Zip with the Run Times Bra underneath, and a Down For It All Vest to stay warm. Shop all these pieces in Green Hills or Cool Springs to get your sprint on.



Whether you’re hitting Verticity or your nearest CycleBar, there are definitive outfits more suitable than others for the sweaty seated occasion. Spin classes are growing in popularity at an impressive rate with a cult-like following (looking at you SoulCycle). Nevertheless, this means the need for the perfect spin-worthy outfit is at an all-time high. While bike shorts are very on-trend for street style purposes, their origin obviously began elsewhere, and they’re essential for your upcoming indoor cycling class. Athleta’s Stellar Bike Short will certainly do the job, especially when paired with the Tranquil Bra and the Cloudlight Stratus Top. Don’t worry about your shoe choice for these classes, as I’ve never met a spin class that didn’t provide kicks for you. Make sure you’ve got comfortable socks and a large water bottle, and you’ll be set to ride your worries away.