In the same way that it is important to cross-train in your workouts, it is important to vary your yoga practice as well. Mixing up those heated power flow classes with a restorative yoga session is essential to restoring your muscles. While yoga sculpt may build strength, you also need yin yoga to elongate and stretch the body. Changing up your yoga routine with these specialized classes will introduce you to new types of yoga and to new teachers and studios in your neighborhood. Embrace all varieties for optimal health by trying these top 6 classes to take in Nashville, stat!


Sculpt Your Muscles

If you’re ready to turn your love for yoga into a results-focused fitness class, try Yoga
Sculpt at Core Power Yoga in Green Hills. The focus is on building lean muscle mass and boosting metabolism. Here you’ll experience upbeat music, free weights, and strength- training moves, like squats, lunges and bicep curls. The room is typically 85-95 degrees with no added humidity. This is a great option for seasoned yogis who want more cardio and strength in their routine.


Relieve & Restore

Steadfast and True Yoga in Germantown offers a specialized class for myofascial
massage. This prop-based class increases flexibility, eliminates pain and deeply calms
the nervous system by working with the connective tissue of the body (also known as
fascia). The class weaves in yin yoga and the use of therapy balls for an overall soothing and toning result.

Slow Down & Focus

Do you ever wish your instructor would slow down so you could focus on just one pose and improve your form? Sanctuary For Yoga in Green Hills has a Slow Flow class that is similar to a vinyasa flow class, but with a slower pace. While this is a beginner-friendly class, it works for advanced yogis too. This foundational set of poses is perfect for anyone who wants to slow things down while continuing to grow in the practice.

Find Your Inner Light

Inner Light Yoga’s studio right around the corner from 12th Avenue South is known for being music focused. Classes are regularly themed around pop stars and specific
decades of music. Change up your yoga routine by trying Inner Light Yoga’s signature style class—Vivid Flow. This flow class features breath-to-movement sequences, flowing freely with the music cranked up, and cardio elements to the beat.


Quiet Your Mind

Bring more self-awareness to your yoga practice by slowing down the flow a bit and incorporating meditation. Head to Madison Ryan Yoga in East Nashville for a breath-focused 45-minute vinyasa flow, followed by a 15-minute guided meditation or Yoga Nidra. The physical practice of yoga is the perfect way to prepare the body and mind for a long meditation. Improve your flexibility, deepen your breath, and develop a consistent meditation practice.

Weekend Joy

Every Friday night, Yoga Soul off 8th Avenue celebrates local artists by hosting a vinyasa flow class with live music. The instructors and musicians vary from time to time. This 60- minute class uses the power of rhythm and flow to inspire creativity in your practice. It’s upbeat and interesting with a Music City twist.