As Nashville grows there are more specialized boutiques and large grocery stores popping up in every part of the city…and we are so not mad about it. The beauty of living in or near the city is that you have the option to walk into a wellness shop that is dedicated to one specific product and have an expert assist you. This is also helpful in knowing exactly where the ingredients come from and assurance that you’re getting the absolute best quality. Another option is walking into any health foods centric grocery to find extensive wellness aisles to grab just about everything you need for home in a single errand.

Nashville is home to both large and small wellness stores, all offering something special.


The Local Specialists

For expertise, high-quality products, and for a shopping experience step into these beautiful, smaller, specialized boutiques.


LEMON LAINE — For Customized Facial Oils & Champagne

Clean beauty has never been so much fun. Since Lemon Laine set up shop in East Nashville, we’ve been heading over the bridge for a lively beauty and wellness fix. This brightly colored boutique is more than just a store to pick up essentials. Lemon Laine offers an interactive experience where you can try samples, learn from experts, create your own products at the oil bar and even have your (clean) makeup done.

Rather than buy a generic facial oil that’s made for everyone, Lemon Laine helps you customize an oil that aligns with your specific skin needs. The facial oil uses in-house jojoba oil infusions and a customized mix of carrier and essential oils to address your specific goals. Lemon Laine offers more than 12 million possible combinations. During this oil-making experience, enjoy complimentary beverages (Champagne, please!) and feel free to ask the in-house specialists anything and everything about skin.

In addition to your personalized facial oil, shop Lemon Laine for makeup, hair products, gut health supplements, proteins and collagen and a variety of other skincare essentials.



ANZIE BLUE — For High Quality CBD & Coffees

Anzie Blue is both a coffee shop and high-quality CBD boutique dedicated to being in control of the entire product supply chain from the hemp farm to the products in their boutique. All CBD items are third-party tested and have certificates of analysis. Shop Anzie Blue for flavored CBD tinctures, CBD pet chews and even CBD mint strips. We’re especially excited that Anzie Blue will soon be offering lotions, gummies, and sports balm.  We also highly recommend enjoying a blend from the coffee bar. Anzie Blue sells OSA Coffee, Firepot Tea, and many other health-centric brands with many infused with herbs and tonics.  You can also pick up vegan wraps, salads and D’Andrews Bakery pastries to enjoy at one of the charming bistro tables onsite.



URBAN JUICER — For Daily Fuel & The Occasional Juice Cleanse

The Urban Juicer has multiple Nashville locations and is the perfect place for quick and healthy food on-the-go. We head here for any meal of the day or a quick afternoon pick-me-up. Their protein-packed smoothies make great post-workout drinks, and their wellness shots are perfect when feeling under the weather.

When it comes to shopping for wellness essentials you may not think of your local juice shop, but Urban Juicer has become one of our go-to places for keeping our bodies in optimal health. The occasional juice cleanse can be vital to some for balancing out weekends that emphasize cocktail parties and late nights. Post-vacation is another scenario that calls for a 3-day reset. Our digestive systems need a break sometimes, and a juice cleanse can help to reset the gut, metabolism and overall energy levels.

Urban Juicer’s 3-day cleanse includes five juices, a nut milk and an energizing booster for each day. If the amount of juice intimidates you, or you are interested in changing up your cleanse, try the 3-day hot and cold cleanse. This incorporates a vegan shiitake mushroom broth, ginger turmeric chicken broth and a chicken bone broth with juices and boosters to shake things up.



HERBAN MARKET — For Olive Oil & Fresh Kombucha

Franklin has a wellness gem that is well worth the drive if you aren’t a Williamson Country resident. Herban Market is located in Cool Springs and features an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar, organic groceries and a café featuring organic food made fresh daily. While visiting Herban Market, be sure to try one of their daily kombuchas on tap.

Your kitchen is only as good as the quality of your cooking oils! We love Herban Market for its high-quality, organic oils and vinegars that come in a variety of unique flavors. Some notable favorites are Wild Mushroom and Sage Infused Olive Oil, Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic, and Honey Ginger White Balsamic.

In addition to their oil and vinegar tasting bar, Herban Market also sells CBD oil by Charlotte’s Web. Try Mint Chocolate or Olive Oil full spectrum, maximum strength CBD oil as a daily supplement.



Grocery Go To’s

If you prefer to get all of your shopping done in one trip, these grocery stores offer organic, healthy food as well as aisles of all of the beauty and wellness essentials you could possibly need.


WHOLE BODY — For Essential Oils & Superfoods

When shopping for groceries in Green Hills, never miss the opportunity to stop by Whole Body for all of your wellness essentials. This department of Whole Foods has an incredible selection of homeopathic remedies, including a variety of vitamins, supplements, and superfoods. This one-stop shop also features eco-friendly clothes, makeup, and home goods. It’s also a great place to buy yoga pants, by the way!

One of the best aisles to explore at Whole Body is the essential oils. In addition to rows upon rows of organic essential oils, you will also find a selection of essential oil books with recipes and guides for how to use them. These guides range from how to create DIY home remedies to what diffuser combinations are best for every mood. For the ultimate healthy home, be sure to pick up a diffuser and naturally scented Paddywax candles. Candles of every color, shape, and size surround Whole Body’s checkout counter.

When it comes to starting your day with the right nutrients, we also recommend you stock up on a handful of the superfoods Whole Body has to offer. For anti-inflammatory properties, try golden milk powder with turmeric. For collagen, check out all of Vital Proteins’ products. If you’re vegan, enjoy Plant-based protein powders.


TURNIP TRUCK — For Vitamins & Probiotics

Our favorite local grocery store—located in the Gulch and East Nashville—is in the process of preparing to open a new location on Charlotte Avenue near Sylvan Park. For high quality organic wines, local produce and eco-friendly cleaning products, Turnip Truck is the ideal neighborhood stop.

While we love Turnip Truck for groceries, the vitamin aisle is an extreme plus. Being well requires taking essential vitamins daily, as well as probiotics. Turnip Truck is an ideal place to go for all of your vitamin needs due to the variety of brands available. There is always a vitamin specialist available to assist you as well. In this aisle, the refrigerated section displays some of the best probiotic drinks and wellness shots available. We love Inner-Eco’s probiotic coconut waters for a daily dose of probiotics. You’ll also find Kor Shots—tiny bottles of goodness, including activated charcoal for detoxification.

On your way out, don’t forget to check out Turnip Truck’s section of local, homemade goods. These make great hostess gifts for dinner parties, and they always have the best cards—recycled and handmade—for every event.



TRADER JOE’S — For Unexpected Value on Skincare Essentials

Everybody loves Trader Joe’s for the low prices, cheap wine, and fun, healthy-ish packaged products that you can’t find anywhere else. Their freezer aisle alone is a home foodie’s slice of paradise. But when it comes to top places to shop for wellness essentials, Trader Joe’s made our list for skincare. Yep, Trader Joe’s offers some of the best beauty cabinet essentials in the city. With locations in both Green Hills and West Nashville it’s an easy stop for value no matter where you live.

The Nourish Oil-Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer is a straightforward moisturizer that is both lightweight and hydrating—an essential for everyday use. We’re obsessed with the Supreme Hydrating Eye Cream, which is made with collagen, plant extracts, and COQ10 for much-needed antioxidants. Two other noteworthy products to add to your cart are the Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer and the Antioxidant Facial Serum.



SPROUTS FARMERS MARKET — For Everyday Essentials

Sprouts (located in both Franklin and Bellevue) doubles as a grocery store and wellness shop. Sprouts has one of the larger selections of everyday essentials—think hair care, body lotions and oils, vitamins, supplements, and clean makeup. Sprouts always has our favorite brands in stock, including Pacifica, Dr. Bronner’s, Everyone, and so many more.

If you’re looking for clean, natural makeup, try Pacifica. We love Pacifica’s Supernova Stellar Glaze Mascara, Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream, and their Quench Lip Tints. While we’re obsessed with Pacifica’s cute packaging and variety of vegan makeup, we also love Pacifica’s facial cleansers, toners, masks, and all-natural perfumes.

Stock up on Dr. Bronner’s for the best body wash and Everyone for aromatherapy roll-ons. Sprouts is the go-to place for everything you need in your home and beauty cabinet.