With so much time at home over the last few months, so many of us have taken a look at our spaces and decided to make a change. While you can’t alter what’s going on in our unpredictable world, you can improve your own little corner of it. That’s looking on the bright side, people!  But going through a total overhaul or invasive renovation doesn’t necessarily work very well when you are required to spend all of your time at the location (unless you do a temp move, ugh), so most of us chose mini-projects or small updates to brighten up our interiors or improve our living quarters.

The common thread in the projects our team tackled was some sort of refresh. From bold art on the walls in a newlywed abode to taking children’s rooms from toddler to teen-ready are just a few of the ways we found joy in our own nests. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve shown our homes a little love this season.


Personal Space Priorities

Having time together is always something most of us consider a treat as we spin through our busy lives. More time at home or more time with family was a desired life goal until COVID came along and gave us exactly that—and lots of it. Suddenly, everyone was on top of each other – with a big percentage trying to carry on with schooling and working without leaving the house. It opened our eyes to the true function role that our homes play in keeping us sane, organized, and happy.

In our house, we are no strangers to working from home as the entire EDIT team operated for months from the kitchen table as our Music Row offices were being remodeled. But the quarantine added a different element as my songwriting, frequently traveling and on-the-go husband was suddenly at home. Every. Single. Day. We had overhauled what was a terrible basement space to create an oversized office, fitness area, and musician’s retreat a few years ago- but during this period found that it still felt like we were constantly in each other’s way which is never a good thing. The one area I spend most of my time is the kitchen/great room that extends to an oversized back pool terrace. It’s my domain for work, projects, visiting with friends, and of course, cooking and cleaning. To solve the issue of an often-bored husband constantly popping in and out of this room seeking a snack or using the sink, dishwasher, and counters- we elected to add his own mini-kitchen to the mancave like area below. It’s been a godsend. He loves it and the traffic flow up and down the steps into my ‘room’ has been reduced in the very best way. The process wasn’t too invasive as we got the multi-talented Jacob Andrews of Artistic Edge to rework the space—adding cabinetry, sinks, and required wiring and lighting. It’s given us each more breathing room and will also be ideal for whenever the day comes where we can entertain again. The bonus of lots of extra storage space and refrigeration will be such a help for those future parties I just know we will be having in the years to come. –Stacie

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Color Play

Art by Cheryl Constable Studio

I painted my powder bathroom a dark blue (Benjamin Moore – Evening Dove) after seeing it on my friend’s island in her (mostly white) kitchen. I also updated the hanging pendants over my own kitchen island with these gorgeous lights from Circa Lighting (Goodman Medium Hanging Light in antique white/brass). – Lauren


Newlywed Necessities

My new husband and I actually moved homes entirely during quarantine, so the past few months have been all about home improvements. One of the most rewarding was investing in art from local artists for our first home together. My personal favorite artist in town is Cheryl Constable, and we have several of her pieces. In our living room is a set that we absolutely adore, and it makes a statement in our otherwise minimalist-style space. – Jami-lyn


Getting Guest-Ready

Even though I won’t be having visitors anytime soon, I channeled some of my extra time at home into tackling my guest bedroom that somehow had become a disorganized storage room. In addition to a number of updates and complete reorganization, I refreshed all the linens with the most amazing, luxurious towels and sheets from Peacock Alley. Whenever guests are welcome again, the room anxiously awaits them! I honestly might have a hard time getting people to leave with how cozy it is now. – Devan


One of our chief entertaining spots is the pool terrace and patio. We got so used to spending time there with others, evidence of it growing tired was usually overlooked. But, with the absence of friends and good times, run-down paint spots and shabby furniture edging was suddenly quite obvious. I used Jacob Andrews/Artistic Edge to rebuild a better-covered pergola, replaced my somewhat worn outdoor furniture with new seating, and even got new pool lounge chairs. Lively throws and pillows and other accents were the magic touch. Extended living space for now when we need a little ‘spread out’ room and for later when it’s filled with friends and family for celebrations. – Stacie


Child Room Chic

Well, I figured it was about time (overdue to be exact) to upgrade our youngest daughter’s “Toddler beds”- as she is now 6! I’d actually started over-thinking whether the small bed size would stunt her growth.  I was able to push this under the rug until Quarantine came about forcing me to see these beds even more and their tiny size (cue the stunted growth thoughts). We were at my sister-in-law’s lake house over the 4th of July holiday and my daughter fell in love with their daybed. She dragged me in repeatedly to look at it. Well, guess what’s been ordered and on the way? That very same daybed. I’m really happy about it because we’re not investing in a treehouse bed that she was wanting before. Knowing that design would last for a hot minute as she ages out of the obsession, this is a far better choice. We can move it anywhere in the house if she eventually wants to change beds. I’m not so sure how long she’ll love sleeping on the daybed cushion I picked but it looks fantastic, which is what’s important from the mom’s point of view.  – Courtney


I’ve been looking to freshen up my son’s bedroom -taking his space from nursery-like to a more grown-up look. I found these great prints at the newly opened Arhaus in the Mall at Green Hills (if you haven’t been to this new design spot, it’s a must!).  The prints are handmade from Nepalese paper and each one is unique. I purchased several to add variety to the walls while keeping a uniform theme. The prints are super chic and provide a more polished look for the room that works with the rest of the house. – Lacey