There’s no doubt that the opening of several upscale hotels in recent years has been a major draw for discriminating travelers visiting Nashville. The number of resort-style developments has only increased in recent months with certain locales being highly anticipated both in and outside the market. One of those we’ve been watching with anticipation is the Grand Hyatt, which is a centerpiece of the expansive and modern Nashville Yards project downtown. Restaurants, a gorgeous lobby, and unique rooftop views are all part of the mix that will no doubt bring new hotel guests to our area as they open this week. But what we are most excited about as locals are the spa facilities specifically designed to attract a local clientele. The aptly named R + R Wellness (the r’s stand for Recharge and Replenish) opens October 1. Here are just a few things to look forward to as the doors open. We suggest booking now (they are taking reservations) as the facility will undoubtedly be wildly popular in no time. Here are a few reasons we know spa enthusiasts will want to visit, stat.

Each Visit and Treatment is Completely Custom

Rather than a long menu of specific treatment offerings and procedures, R + R Wellness focuses on curating experiences for the individual. This starts with custom blending scents and scrubs upon entry depending on mood and preference. Whether it be boosting energy or relaxation, an aromatherapy component is created especially for each visit. The massage offerings are not described for picking and choosing based on certain methods but instead crafted onsite based on what the spa patron is seeking. Various inclusions can be combined to address issues from pain, tension from stress, and other factors. The tables themselves are also custom with electronic components that can lift and shift to accommodate those with physical ailments or limitations. No detail will be left to chance and your therapists are also trained to be flexible during treatments so that every effort is made for a truly elevating experience.


A Quiet Place to Reflect

One of the most brilliant features is a peaceful space with individual private spaces for meditation and reflection. We can’t think of a better way to extend the benefits of that perfect massage than lying back on one of the specially designed chairs (complete with various modes of subtle movement and touch) along with the eye-level tablet with choices for mood-enhancing imagery and sound. This is something we haven’t seen before and is likely to keep visitors lingering at the spa long after treatments are wrapped. There is also an intimate relaxation lounge with cozy chairs flanked by a warming fireplace. This is a space that definitely gets you ready to decompress pre-treatment as pressures from the outside world fall away in the welcoming, low-light environment.


A Spa Day with All the Extras

When booking a treatment, locals can feel like VIP hotel guests outside the actual spa as they take advantage of the other amenities. There is an adjacent health-focused restaurant to fuel your wellness journey with options for in-spa delivery and requests. Because booking any treatment also includes access to the fitness center and rooftop pool, the experience promises much more than what you would find at a typical day spa. That means instead of rushing in and out for a Hydra Facial that you can linger both before and after, literally soaking up a vacation-like journey that calls for blocking out hours to enjoy every amenity at the gorgeous new hotel.

Curated to Please from Every Angle

The spa designers and experts carefully implemented all of the balancing elements (earth, fire, water, wood, metal) and lighting throughout the space for a sense of wellbeing. Not only is it beautiful, but relaxing and soothing by design from entry to exit. We also like the simple approach of exclusive use of the Privai product line, which is simple and holistic no matter what the treatment. The products can also be picked up to take home in the well-chosen selection available in the spa boutique. Some other items for sale (ideal for treats and gifts for self and others) include Supergoop Skin, NuFace, Patchology, and local makers such as PaddyWax candles and Jonsey Wood jewelry. The product lines aren’t the only things curated for R + R, as the talented therapists and thoughtful staff members were also selectively recruited to ensure that each guest leaves feeling beyond incredible. Shopping, spa, and serenity? Sign us up!