It isn’t often that you see a health and wellness-centered publication or media outlet featuring liquor. But that is exactly what happened with the first 2020 edition of Naturally Danny Seo where editors praised it for being low in calories and refreshing. When it comes to press, this nod was just a blip as media platforms and personalities have been raving about their love for 21Seeds over the last several months. The top-rated spirit has been highlighted on The Today Show, PopSugar, E! Entertainment, and even included in the luxe Elle Décor magazine as an entertaining go-to. Katie Couric shared this with her followers as did Rachel Ray after using it in her own recipes. And – not that it’s a big deal or anything, but Oprah also named 21Seeds as one of Summer 2020’s ‘favorite things’.  Yep, Oprah. Talk about an endorsement! Thank goodness this bottled bliss is available in almost every fine liquor store in the area as well as in featured cocktails in select restaurants – with establishments adding it to menus daily.


Having women in charge within the long-running ‘wild west’ of alcohol brands and distributors is still quite unique in this country. We believe it is even more admirable with this young group rising to the top so quickly. They seem almost as passionate about the brand as the amazing Bertha González Nieves who I got to know last fall at the Music City Food and Wine Festival while joining her to moderate a sold-out panel discussion where she shared her vast knowledge of all things tequila with curious Nashville attendees. Her own Casa Dragrones is the favorite of our fall 2019 cover girl, supermodel Lily Aldridge – who joined us to sip and speak. While Bertha’s baby ranks among the highest in popularity and respect with true tequila enthusiasts (and for good reason with the exceptional purity, process, and packaging) – 21Seeds has found their own niche audience with a less complex (I would call it an ‘everyday’ spirit) with an affordable price point to match. The infused flavor combinations set them apart from other well-known brands – even devotees of other spirit categories often make a switch for a cleaner, tastier adult beverage.





This type of press and the interaction is so fun to watch based on the simplicity and solid intentions of the three female founders. Young and lovely, their team consists of 2 sisters and 1 friend (the basis of the ‘21’ to the obvious Seeds factor. Born from home concocted tequila infusions made with a variety of fresh, organic fruits (and a couple of veggies) – everything that they use to flavor the tequila is completely natural. After CEO Kat Hantas original kitchen creations became wildly popular with all of her friends (and their friends), she knew that the idea had legs. There are dozens of flavored vodkas on the market—so why not tequila? Clearly she was spot on as now the three ‘amigos’ are making beverage industry history- and having a ball along the way. Who wouldn’t with access to that much tequila? The words career goals come to mind for sure.



Due to the viral hashtag #girlscalltheshots, they use for promoting the company and products, the number of volunteer ambassadors has been overwhelming. The twist on words is clever but not overly so. It’s subtle and well-received just like the spirit represented. In fact, the brand was created for simple sipping before concocting recipes ever started. Many editors and fans prefer to sip their favorite flavor just like a glass of wine because of the light feel and pleasant taste. So, does that mean no fancy margarita glass when it’s time to imbibe? All it takes to jump on board is to sign up for their emails and you’re in (we guess until you prove to be a stalker or something similar). Seed Squad members have so many exclusives and recipes as well as the inside track on opportunities to support charities and join the 21Seeds team in efforts for all types of special campaigns. Squad member or not – tequila fans should follow their Instagram account where colorful drinks reign and the fun-loving founders celebrate birthdays every month with astrological sign-focused posts. There’s no reason behind this monthly staple—aside from the fact that they just love to celebrate – and especially birthdays.



The 21Seeds team already has a well-known national reputation for giving back from the beginning. They are all about jumping up to help with causes and also for becoming true partners for those they strongly support with specifically marketed campaigns. At the moment, they are most looking forward to the opportunity to support breast cancer awareness during the month of October with our DRINK PINK platform. They are donating a portion from every bottle sold during the entire month of October 2020 – with all funds going towards the against breast cancer. To keep it fun and in line with the brand’s personality – pink cocktail recipes for the Seed Squad are going to be offered often. It’s a great opportunity to give back and support a very personal cause that impacts so many women and their families.


PARTY TIPS (that also work for solo indulgence)

With such ‘quick mixing’ cocktails and easy sipping- there’s plenty of time to make every cocktail a special event. This trio likes to have fun with cocktails making the experience as simple or as fancy as you feel based on the mood and atmosphere. Whether it’s a basic rocks glass or a fine wine stem (this is how Kat enjoys sipping her Seed & Soda every night) – anything goes.  For dressing it up, garnishes are where you really get to show your creativity.  They offer options such as a strip of cucumber wrapped around the inside of a highball glass or tumbler. They add a touch of beautiful herbs or just a wedge of fresh fruit for a photo-ready concoction in just a few seconds. The tequila is also guilty of making people really linger at parties. Kat describes her absolute favorite way to entertain as setting up a Seed & Soda bar with all types of glassware, the 3 infusions of 21Seeds, different types of club soda, or sparkling waters (flavored and plain) with bunches of fresh fruit and herbs to choose from for add-ins. She lets guests mix and match to create their own versions of Seed & Sodas. As a host, she says it’s so much fun to see what people come up with and to watch them take pride in their mixology skills. This system is also perfect for the hosts that actually want to enjoy the party. A DIY bar that’s this much fun eliminates hosts from having to serve at their own place all night. Such a bonus! At the moment any mixing and tasting are done (respectfully) six feet apart to follow protocol. But—this is such an easy set up for a safe outdoor gathering. Load up on ice and give people space to really have fun in your backyard or around the pool.




These savvy spirit sirens totally get that the rest of us are constantly watching sugar (or telling ourselves that we are) – which most mixed drinks are loaded with if you consider the glucose. They take care to supply easy, quick recipes with minimum bad stuff but so much good. 3 Girls Calling the Shots equals 3 fantastic cocktails for EDIT readers –



The Seed and Soda (21 Seeds’ signature serve)

Mix 2 parts club soda with 1-part 21Seeds. Add a splash of your favorite juice (optional) and garnish.


Paloma 21

Mix 1.5oz 21Seeds Grapefruit Hibiscus Tequila with 1.5oz fresh grapefruit juice and top with club soda. Serve over ice.


Mindful Margaritas

In general, these ladies believe that most margaritas have too much stuff in them. This makes the popular beverage way to sugary and unnecessarily high in calories, often leaving you feeling full after just a single one.  Most of the added ingredients don’t even make the cocktail taste any better. When we started 21Seeds – we were determined to perfect the margarita, which I believe we have done! There is not one single drop of anything extra (that none of us need) in any of our recipes. Each is uniquely perfect and clean.


21 Spicy Version

2oz 21Seeds Cucumber Jalapeno Tequila mixed with just 1/2oz each of lime juice and simple syrup—served very cold over ice.


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