Some people just have an incredible presence no matter what they’re wearing. It’s instantly noticeable and most often has more to do with attitude and body language than anything else. But, a fashionable wardrobe definitely comes into play as these individuals have usually figured out what works for them – and use the knowledge to choose well when building or editing personal ensembles. Our Closet Envy series is all about getting up close and personal with these personalities, and (of course) sharing the best details with you.



Soccer players are known to have an incredible eye for fashion, and defender Jalil Anibaba is no exception. He’s one of Nashville’s newest residents, and once he arrived with the city’s new Major League Soccer team, he was sure to bring his effortless sense of style with him. When he’s not on the pitch, he’s lounging in his newest set of sweats or exploring Nashville in one of his many pairs of beloved sneakers. Catch a glimpse inside Jalil’s closet as he juggles soccer and style. 



Hero Items: My collection of shoes.

Daily Uniform: My everyday look typically leans on the athletic wear side because of my job. That’s where my love for sneakers comes in handy the most!

My Look: I would describe my look as adaptable and well rounded. I always try to lace my closet with everything I’ll need to be well-equipped for any occasion.

Closet Would You Most Like to Have: Michael B. Jordan.

Best Closet Organization Trick: Color coordination.

Hanging Up:  Simple black hangers.



Online Shopping: I’m not much of an online shopper for my clothes. I like to try things on before I decide to go for the purchase.

Latest Discovery: My most recent discovery is ROOTED here in Nashville, and I’m very much looking forward to going in and seeing what’s up.

Cologne: Gucci Guilty Pour Homme.

Best Sneaker Brand: Nike.

Best Dress Shoe Brand: Cole Haan, Stacy Adams, and any nice pair of Chelsea boots.

Favorite Local Places to Shop: ROOTED and Citizen for shoes, and Brownlee for loungewear.