Some people just have an incredible presence no matter what they’re wearing. It’s instantly noticeable and most often has more to do with attitude and body language than anything else. But, a fashionable (not trendy) wardrobe definitely comes into play as these individuals have usually figured out what works for them – and use the knowledge to choose well when building or editing personal ensembles. Our Closet Envy series is all about getting up close and personal with these personalities, and (of course) sharing the best details with you.



This uber-stylish singer/songwriter has an amazing closet that she understandably finds herself spending a fair amount of time in.  Whether she’s packing for a trip or accompanying her husband, Kings of Leon drummer, Nathan, on European tours, she opts to make an event of it and has friends over for wine and a girl’s night while she packs. After all, her greatest style inspirations are the fashion-forward ladies in her life that keep her in the know and send her must-haves of the season. 

Having grown up outside New York City and spending quite a bit of time in Los Angeles, her style is a reflection of her experiences as a recording artist, mom, and her well-traveled persona. Jessie shared with the EDIT a few of her closet hero items, traveling tips, and go-to designers, but don’t expect her to share her favorite Etsy vintage shops, because she keeps those held close to her chest.



Hero Items: A silver bomber, velvet blazer, or vintage Japanese tourist jacket. Love to cover up I suppose.

Daily Uniform: A shrunken sweatshirt over a vintage tee with Levis, or a sailor-style wide leg pant, and more than likely, a *sexy* Birkenstock. 

My Look:  An ex-pat American living in Italy searching for truffles that’s slightly disheveled but going for that look intentionally. Lots of basics, but not basic. 

Best Organization Trick: Hire a professional & don’t let it get out of control in a pile somewhere. I also keep a donation basket inside the closet so if I try something on that doesn’t suit me anymore — in the basket it goes. 

Hanging Up:  Velvet hangers, of course. Wooden for winter coats only. 

Closet You Would Most Like to Have:  I would like all the things in Lucy Boynton’s closet. 

Packing Essentials: PACKING CUBES! I haven’t traveled without packing cubes in who knows how long. It works with the rolling technique, too. They’re a must. They keep everything separated and organized.




Go-to Designers:  DÔEN, The Great, Nili Lotan, and Gucci – why not. 

Fashion Icon: Marianne Faithfull 

Scent: Hermès, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

Online Shopping:  Shopbop, Net-A-Porter, Etsy

Fall/Winter Crush:  I am eyeing a few vintage jackets on Etsy that I’m not going to talk too much about because I don’t want someone else putting it in their cart.

Day Bag:  Phoebe Philo for Celine. 

Evening Bag: A cheap clutch I bought on the street in Rio de Janeiro 

Stiletto:  Gucci, Prada, and Jil Sander. 

Always Bulk Buying: Organic whole & crushed tomatoes. Oh, and hanky panky panties.

Favorite Local Places to Shop: H Audrey, Imogene + Willie for clothes. G&G Interiors for home.

Workout Wardrobe: Vintage, (ill-fitting) tees tied up, with lululemon leggings. I just workout at home using The Mirror.