Some people just have an incredible presence no matter what they’re wearing. It’s instantly noticeable and most often has more to do with attitude and body language than anything else. But, a fashionable wardrobe definitely comes into play as these individuals have usually figured out what works for them – and use the knowledge to choose well when building or editing personal ensembles. Our Closet Envy series is all about getting up close and personal with these personalities, and (of course) sharing the best details with you.



As the mastermind behind the party-planning concept Bashery & Co, Pamelyn brings her bubbly personality to everything she does even down to the wallpaper in her closet. She aims to provide a fun and light-hearted approach to all aspects of life, but don’t assume she doesn’t mean business. Pamelyn managed to graduate with her MBA at 21, and we’re sure she did it in head-to-toe sequins, too.

Pamelyn grew up in Pittsburgh but spent the majority of her time in Los Angeles prior to moving to Nashville (alongside several other “late-born Angelenos” we know and love here in Nashville), and she brought her take on California style with her. The EDIT team snuck a peek at her closet and got to know her a bit. She explained her expert folding techniques, go-to brands, and regretfully realized her favorite jeans are in the hands of neighbor, best friend, and fellow LA transplant, Jana Kramer.




Hero Items: My Celine bag, sequin blazer, and my Ronny Kobo dress.

Daily Uniform: Skinny jeans, sneaks, and a tee.

My Look: I’d say it’s modern and feminine with an edge. 

Closet You Would Most Like to Have:  Sarah Jessica Parker.

Best Organization Trick: How I fold my clothes in drawers. I fold them and then roll them, so you’re able to see everything in the drawer. If you fold them flat and stack them, you can only see what’s on top.  

Hanging Up: Velvet, because clothes don’t slide off of them. 




Online Shopping: Revolve, Intermix, and Nordstrom. 

Fall/Winter Crush: I am loving Ulla Johnson dresses right now. 

Go-to Designers: Ronny Kobo dresses fit me perfectly. Frame t-shirts are so soft; I love those. And for jeans, vintage Levi’s always. 

Scent: I only wear oils, precisely one I got in Tahiti where my husband and I eloped. I was obsessed with one I found at the Four Seasons, and I bought three bottles of it, and we’ve been married eight years, and I’m finally about to run out. So, we have to go back to Bora Bora to get more oils! 

Day Bag: With kids, I don’t even wear a day bag. My bag is a Bandolier phone case with a strap that holds my ID and a few cards. It’s perfect! I also have a super casual Prada crossbody that I wear, but that’s it. 

Evening Bag: A YSL clutch of mine. 

Stiletto:  I love Matisse or Sam Edelman! They’re not too expensive, which is good, because I destroy heels. 

Fashion Icon: Currently, Zendaya. I’m obsessed with every single thing she wears. 

Always Bulk Buying: Silk scrunchies. You need to be careful with what you put in your hair when you get older! It just breaks off. 

Favorite Local Places to Shop: H. Audrey.